All Out for May Day

MAY 1 2015

Join us in the streets this May 1st at 6pm for the annual anti-capitalist
march. With its roots in the labor movement, May Day continues to this day as
a riotous celebration of revolt against bosses, landlords, work, and

On May 4, 1886 in Chicago, someone threw a bomb at the police during a strike
in a fight for an 8-hour work day and in protest of the cops killing several
workers the day before. Seven cops and four humans were killed. Subsequently
eight anarchists were arrested and convicted of conspiracy. Four of the
anarchists were hanged and another committed suicide in prison. This is the
origin of May Day.

More recently in Seattle, hundreds of anarchists and other anti-capitalists
converged on downtown on May Day 2012 and lay wreck to banks, businesses, and
a federal courthouse. The State responded with perhaps the most significant
repression against anarchists in the NW recently and deployed a federal grand
jury to disrupt, misdirect, isolate and neutralize a growing sentiment and
practice of anger and attack against hierarchy and domination. Despite the
efforts of the state, anarchists remained strong and defiant and no one was
ever charged with the crimes being investigated by the grand jury.

Let's continue a lively, joyous tradition of defiance to capitalism, the
state, hierarchy, and domination! May Day is our day!

Prisons are the New Plantations: Reportback from disruption of the Sustainable Prisons Project

On May 22 and 23, The Evergreen State College in Olympia hosted a conference
for the "Sustainable Prisons Project," a disgusting attempt to make
modern-day slavery palatable to those who are superficially concerned about
green eco sustainable whatever bullshit. A prison that recycles and has a
garden, or where prisoners rehabilitate turtles and have a tree in their
cell, is still a prison. It is still a form of slavery and torture and a tool
of the state and white supremacy.

On April 22 approximately 20 people showed up to disrupt the conference.
There was a banner that said "Fire to the Prisons" and one that said "Prisons
are the new plantations - Fuck the SPP." Many people carried pots, pans,
drumsticks, and other noisemakers. The group attempted to go in the main
doors to the conference on the fourth floor of the library but was thwarted
by some prison-lovers guarding the doors. So the noisy prison-haters instead
went back outside, jumped some railings, and went across the roof to a
courtyard outside the conference room. Hilariously, the cops were physically
unable to jump the fence. Perhaps gravity was acting a little stronger on

The Portland Radicle is Looking for Contributors

The Portland Radicle* is looking for community members who would like to join
other clever and talented ass-kickers in our project of collective

The Radicle is an anarchist print project that kicked off in 2012. We once
had a good rhythm for solicitation and publication, as well as a robust
editorial collective. At present, we're down to four people, and we've
struggled to publish consistently. While the paper is in no danger of being
discontinued, we believe that we would be stronger with more participation
and more ideas.

Optimally, we'd love to make the Radicle an engaging multimedia platform for
class war and social change that is not only interesting, but indispensable
for all who strive for freedom in Portland and around the world. We have lots
of ambitious ideas about how we can do that, and we'd love your participation
and support.

Noise Demo Against the Sustainability in Prisons Project Summit

Olympia, WA

Working collaboratively, The Evergreen State College and Washington
Department of Corrections have shamefully perpetuated the prisoner labor
industry through the Sustainability in Prisons Project.

From the SPP site:

"Most people don't think of prisons as training grounds for a 21st Century
workforce, but, since 2008 the Washington Department of Corrections (DOC),
The Evergreen State College and myriad partners have been striving
unceasingly toward that end."


On Wednesday, April 22 & 23, in a contorted celebration of Earth Day, prison
directors and Department of Corrections officials from across Washington
state will converge on the Evergreen campus to further their greenwashed,
abusive agenda under the guise of sustainability.







CORRECTION: Letters of Insurgents Reading Group, April 22 not April 29

Letters of Insurgents reading group

Fourth Wednesday of every month, 7:30 pm, The next one will be April 22, 2015

at Left Bank Books, 92 Pike Street

This month, on April 22, we will be discussing the fifth letter exchange,
which includes Yarostan's fifth letter and Sophia's fifth letter.

In 1976, the Black & Red publishing cooperative in Detroit published the
letters of Sophia Nachalo and Yarostan Vochek, two people who shared a moment
of personal and social upheaval and were then separated. Twenty years later,
they find themselves in new moments of insurrection and reach out to each
other to resolve the past and the present.

In 2014, the book, which had received a certain amount of appreciation and
sadly went out of print in paper form, was reprinted by Left Bank Books,
crediting the openly secret double-pseudonymous authorship to Fredy Perlman.

You're invited to join the reading group of Letters of Insurgents hosted by
L@s Quixotes Radical Lending Library at Left Bank Books scheduled for the
fourth Wednesday of every month at 7: 30 pm. At the next meeting we will be
discussing the fifth letter exchange.

Introducing Wreck

WRECK is a newly launched print-based anarchist publication from so-called
Vancouver presenting analysis on regional and world events. Our first edition
includes articles written by local writers on a number of issues including
police repression, anarcha-feminism, riots, struggles against pipelines, and

Download the pdf of our first edition: WRECK Spring 2015

We intend for our project to offer an anarchist analysis to the events and
activities that affect everyday life in Vancouver and surrounding regions. We
hope that it will facilitate face-to-face conversations between anarchists
and introduce anarchist ideas to those who are less familiar with them.
Hopefully this publication can also act as a message in a bottle, allowing
those far away to become aware of our projects and predicaments here.

We are looking for submissions for our second issue. We are interested in any
piece that takes an anti-capitalist and anti-state approach to the matters
that affect therm, and the people around them. Original artwork, poetry, and
other artistic submissions are also welcome. If you would like to submit, or
have an idea you would like to pass by the editors, email us at The deadline for submissions is June 30th, 2015.

For updates on the project:

Juvie Contractor's House Spray Painted

Last week the words "No New Jail" were spray painted on the the front of
Jake Mckinstry's house at 2219 N 59th Street in Seattle. Jake works for
Spectrum Development. Spectrum is building condos along 12th ave.
They are also working with the city to build a new youth jail in the same area.
Spectrum's role in building the jail is to organize and oversee the
development of the jail.

Activists Destroy Road Leading to Elliott Forest Timber Sale

Last night, under moonlight, our rowdy cadre of mountain beavers emerged from
the hillside and destroyed the road leading into the Dean Scholfield timber
sale in the Elliott State Forest. A three-foot deep trench now blocks the
sale’s entrance. Long lengths of rebar were cemented into three holes in
front of the trench, preventing bulldozers from easily reconstructing the

The Oregon Department of Forestry sold this old timber in February to Scott
Timber, a subsidiary of Roseburg Forest Products. Much of this 51-acre sale
has never been logged before. Dean-Scholfield borders a parcel of unsurveyed
potential marbled murrelet habitat, as well as the Hakki Ridge parcel that
Seneca Jones purchased last year, which contains swatches of old growth and
documented murrelet nesting habitat.

Warning Given to Residents of Magnolia

On Thursday the 12th, letters were delivered to areas of the Magnolia
neighborhood where various individuals involved in the new youth prison
project live or have property. Pictures of these individuals were included
alongside a letter strongly suggesting they cease the project that profits
from the imprisonment of children. The letter implies that various details
are known about the lives of those involved in the design and construction of
the youth prison, as well as those who made the decision to go ahead with the
project and that the conflict surrounding this project will be taken to their
comfortable neighborhood if they continue down this path.

They're fucking scum and they're on thin ice.

Mondays in March: Call the Juvie Contractors and Tell Them to Fuck Off!

Last month the city of Seattle approved the selection of a design-build team
that will make millions of dollars off of designing and building a new youth
jail at 12th and Alder. Howard S. Wright, HOK and Integrus all proudly
exclaim long résumés filled with examples of jails, prisons and police
stations that they have built and profited from.

While the prison-industrial complex seems like an overwhelmingly large and
abstract structure to try to resist, there are real people who sit in
ergonomic chairs clicking away at computer screens on which they are building
models of prison cells. There are men in suits who pick up telephones and
make deals for the delivery of the materials that will build the walls,
offices, and security systems of the new jail.

Each Monday during the month of March please join us in calling, emailing,
and/or faxing the real people who are responsible for creating the
infrastructure that destroys the lives of millions. Let them know what you
think, urge them to consider the implications of their choices, or just tell
them that you think they are fucking disgusting and ask them how they sleep
at night.