Tacoma Police have Dragnet Cell Phone Surveillance Equipment

From The Mainstream Media

The Tacoma Police Department apparently has bought — and quietly used for
six years — controversial surveillance equipment that can sweep up records
of every cellphone call, text message and data transfer up to a half a mile

You don’t have to be a criminal to be caught in this law enforcement snare.
You just have to be near one and use a cellphone.

Known as Stingray, the device — small enough to be carried in a car —
tricks cellphones into thinking it’s a cell tower and draws in their

Trees Spiked In Solidarity With Bainbridge Island Tree Sit

For a couple days now a woman has been sitting in a tree on Bainbridge Island
to block the construction of a mini-mall and to protect the trees the would
be clear cut and the ecosystem that would be devastated. We noticed that
despite the media spectacle and the police presence there was really no one
watching the woods. Dawning black from head to toe in the bright light of day
we spiked about 1/8th of the trees with ceramic rods.

Now some of you may say that tree spiking is dangerous, but only one worker
has ever been hurt by a tree spike and he admitted that it was due to the
poor safety conditions at the mill he worked at. Metal, rocks, and the like
get caught on trees all the time. The most common of these is barbed wire
which has mutilated many-a-worker, but something no one seems to complain
about. This is probably because people care more about property than another
lifeforms well-being.

Anyway, solidarity with all those wonderful rebels out there.

-some anarchists

MSM coverage of the woman in the tree:

Banner Drop in Solidarity With Ferguson

On Friday August 22nd we dropped a banner reading 'RIP Mike Brown, Fuck the Police'
over Fauntleroy Way leading to the West Seattle Bridge. We were inspired by the rebels
in Ferguson who have spent the last few weeks in open conflict with the police and the
white-supremacist state. Ferguson is beginning to fade from the headlines and the riots
in the streets are beginning to die down, but the state murders black and brown people
with impunity all the time and we hope that people in Ferguson and elsewhere will
continue to fight back even when the streets seem empty. A banner hanging over
a freeway is a small act of solidarity but one which we hope warms the hearts of
friends and rebels fighting in the streets.

-some anarchists

The Cascadia Trans and/or Women’s Action Camp is coming!

The Cascadia Trans and/or Women’s Action Camp is coming! To find out how
watch our awkward video!

What is TWAC?
Since 2008, the Trans and/or Women’s Action Camp (TWAC) has been a fierce
action camp for folks who identify as trans women, female, trans men,
two-spirit, transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, and gender-variant. TWAC
is an intentional space to learn about social and environmental justice,
share campaign information, and gain direct action skills in a conscientious,
supportive, empowering and encouraging environment for voices often
marginalized. At the end of the camp, we take collective action on issues of
importance. TWAC Cascadia will be in the forest in Washington Sept 1-8th.

Anarchists Sabotage Equipment at a Mcdonalds Construction Site in Portland

Earlier this week, several pieces of heavy equipment, including a dump truck
and water pump, located at the construction site of a Mcdonalds restaurant
off 29th and Powell in S.E. Portland, were sabotaged by having bleached
poured into their fuel tanks.

A Call to Blockade the Zim Chicago

To whom it may concern,
This is a call to action.

The Zim Chicago is a ship largely owned by the Israeli state. This ship will
be docking in the ports of Tacoma and Seattle around August 20th and 22nd
carrying commodities from China. Comrades will be blocking the ship's cargo
from being off loaded at both locations. This is an attempt to break
complicity with the occupation of Palestine, the "prisonification" of Gaza,
and the Israeli state itself. This is also an attempt to become complicit
with the revolt against the Israeli state. It is encouraged for people from
Olympia and other areas closer to Tacoma to go to the Washington United
Terminal at the port and join in the action.

The 6th Annual Seattle Anarchist Book Fair is One Week Away!

One of the most important parts of the Seattle Anarchist Book Fair is creating a forum where newcomers can engage with the beautiful idea, and where more seasoned anarchists can further explore our (anti-)politics, as well as providing a space for sharing information of use to anarchists and friends.

Below is a partial list of the workshops and discussions being offered this year at the Seattle Anarchist Book Fair.

Lightrail Station Attacked in Seattle

On Friday July 18th, we attacked the Rainier Beach Station of the Seattle
Link Lightrail, by smashing the screens of the automated ticket machines and
gluing the card slots. The lightrail is one of the newest permutation of the
cities displacement strategies and the site of a recent police killing.

Mobile Slaughter Unit Sabotaged in Castle Rock, WA

Earlier this month, a quart of bleach was poured into the fuel tank of a
mobile slaughter unit operated by Bolar Custom Meat Cutting (381
Delameter Rd, Castle Rock, WA). This was done with the goal of causing
damage to the unit's fuel system and providing temporary respite from
the bloodshed.