Report Back from Black Friday Shut Down

In honor of Mike Brown, and in response to the grand jury decision not to
prosecute Darren Wilson, protests and disturbances occurred across the
country on Black Friday. Protesters invaded malls and shopping centers, shut
down public transit, halted commerce, and demanded vengeance for Mike Brown
and all victims of police shootings.

In Seattle, several events were called for, but all blended together in a 5
hour long roaming march and disruption of Capitol Hill and downtown. Energy
was high, as was antagonism against the police and business as usual. What
follows is a partial account—the authors were not present for the entire
event, and could not have seen everything in any case. This is from our
perspective, but more perspectives, and more reportbacks, are always

The Police Serve, Young People Die…An Open Letter on Calls for “Peace” in Response to Police Murder

The following is a letter that was recently written to protesters in France . We are re-posting it here because the points being made in this letter are relevant to the struggle that has been unfolding in Seattle in the last week.

The letter that follows was written by Farid El Yamni, the brother of Wissam
El Yamni, murdered by the police in Paris, France on New Year’s Day 2012,
and is addressed to the mother of Rémi Fraisse, murdered by police during a
protest in France on October 31st of this year. He wanted it to be made
public, but the letter has also been sent to her house.

Replace Rémi with Mike Brown and it’s just as relevant, it’s the same
story everywhere.
November 3rd, 2014

I write to you at a time where in Paris violent demonstrations are condemned
and peaceful sit-ins praised.

I lost my brother in very similar conditions to those in which you lost your
son. My brother, who took such good care of my mother, has left us, he’s
never coming back. The loss of my brother was immensely painful, and I feel
that same pain every time the State kills another person. “Within danger,
lies that which can save us,” someone once said. Every time the State
kills, we also have the opportunity to stop it, to force it to change, and to
give others back their lost dignity.

Black Friday Take Over the Hill

An anti capitalist anti-police gathering and March thru capital hell:

Friday, November 28th @ 3 PM
Seattle Central College, Pine & Broadway.

Inspired by
- Mike Brown and the Ferguson Freedom Fighters battle against the national guard

-Oscar Grant and Oakland continuing the on going rebellion

- The Flatbush rebellionof 2013

- The Legacy of the BLA

-The England Rebellions of 2011

- John T. Williams and the generations of Indigenous Rebellion

Anti-Police, Anti-Capitalist Contingent at Black Friday Ferguson Solidarity Demo

The RCP supported October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality has called for another demonstration for this Black Friday at 1pm meeting at Westlake (4th and Pine). The RCP, however, does not and cannot control the narrative of resistance to police violence. The RCP's attempt to use the life of Mike Brown and all victims of police violence for the furtherance of their party's message is shameful and should be pushed against.

This is a call for all anti-capitalist and anti-police individuals to descend on Westlake this Black Friday and counter the RCP narrative and take the streets in solidarity with Ferugson. Show up, brings fliers, banners, heart and whatever else! Feel free to add suggestions and ideas to this Facebook event page. Invite your friends and comrades.

Rest in Power Mike Brown
Rest in Power Oscar Grant
Res in Power Oscar Perez-Girion
Rest in Power John T. Williams
In Solidarity with all who Fight Back Against the Police!

Repost: Against the Police and the Prison World They Maintain (Communiques from the PNW January - March 2011)

The police—agents of social control and pacification, army of the rich, the long arm of law and order whose purpose is to instill fear and submission—are fundamentally enemies of any individual who wants to escape from predetermined roles and live a life of freedom and creative-destruction. Cops literally put people in cages; they also convince many to live in cages of their own, made out of fear. As such, an attack (quite different from a military operation) against the police is an essential part of the destruction of a world that is imposed upon us.

“... permanent conflictuality (a constant and effective struggle towards the aims that are decided upon, not sporadic occasional interventions); ... attack (the refusal of compromise, mediation or accommodation that questions the attack on the chosen objective).
 “As far as aims are concerned, these are decided upon and realized through attacks upon the repressive, military and productive structures, etc. The importance of permanent conflictuality and attack is fundamental.”
- O.V., “Autonomous Base Nuclei”

It is beyond the scope of this introduction to delve any deeper into the historical context of the anti-police activity in early 2011 than a cursory review of the events of 2010 in the Pacific Northwest. The spring of that year saw an uprsurge in anti-police activity that was largely organized by anarchists in west coast cities, significantly inspired by the Greek insurrection in December 2008 and the periodic anti-police activity in Oakland California through 2009 and 2010 (the Oscar Grant Rebellions). The city of Portland saw several conflictual demonstrations and well-coordinated attacks on police property, while in Olympia, Tacoma, and Seattle a variety of activity from demonstrations, graffiti, wheatpasting, counter-informational leafletting, jail noise demos, and clandestine attacks contributed to the practice of permanent conflictuality that is an important wager in the insurrectional process when struggle is relatively isolated (as it has often been in the United States in recent memory). The motivation for a practice of permanent conflictuality is not based in the adherence to a program, however, but emerges rather from individuals’ own refusal to wait for a generalized struggle before attacking state and capitalist infrastructure...

Imposed Pamphlet Version:
Against the Police and the Prison World They Maintain (Communiques from the PNW January - March 2011)

Report Back From November 24th Ferguson Solidarity Demo

Two separate meet up points were called for the Seattle area on Monday after
it was announced that Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for killing
Mike Brown. The first met at Westlake at 6 and the second met at Seattle
Central at 7. Around 7:30pm the two crowds converged at Pike and Broadway
swelling to about 200-300 people. There a moment of silence was held for 4.5
minutes, representing the four and half hours that Mike Brown's body laid
uncovered in the street after being shot. Afterwards, The crowd began to

SOLIDARITY AND BEYOND some basics for folks in revolt 'round here

From Chile to Greece to Mexico to France to the US to the UK to China to
those lands not defined by "official" borders shit is popping off. Solidarity
to those blocking ecocidal infrastructure and fighting for indigenous
autonomy. Solidarity to those defending themselves against the tyranny of
property, capital, work, bosses, colonization, normality, institutions,
bigotry, and the sate. Solidarity to those refugees and migrants fighting for
basic needs and dignity. Solidarity to the ZADistas. For
global/local/cosmic/focused/open/organized/improvised revolt! Down with
bigots, cops, and bosses! Solidarity is cool, but also remember to fight for
yourself. Up with the autonomous and anarchist insurgents!

Given the PNW's context I would suggest...


At war with the world? Upset that the the pig who fucking murdered Mike Brown is still alive? Disgusted that the RCP continues to try to stop people from expressing their rage? When the RCP and other self-appointed cops showed up in Ferguson the first time, they tried to bring an evolving insurrection to a halt, but they won't be able to do that this time around. Feel free to express your rage anytime and anywhere, but if you'd like company then join us Saturday night.


Flyers and Posters for Ferguson

In preparation for the upcoming Grand Jury decision in Ferguson, a double-sided quarter-sheet has been made for mass distribution. One side includes a brief explanation of the role of police violence and discourses of innocence and guilt; the other provides some useful tips on staying safe and getting wild in the streets. Print 'em and bring 'em when it pops off.

The quartersheets are available here

Posters the with the time and place of the rally are available here

Also, there are some Ferguson posters from this summer, available for
printing and pasting anywhere and everywhere available here