SPU Shooting Fanning the Flame to Disarm More of Us

In light of the recent shooting at Seattle Pacific University, and the
predictable media reporting focused on the shooter’s mental health, as well
as renewed calls for gun control, there is a need for careful analysis of the
discussion. In the extremely liberal state of Washington, the death and
injuries of the SPU victims are already being used in a campaign to further
disarm and monitor the general population. One way this is immediately
occurring is with Initiative 594 and SB-5478.

Oregon: Mobile Slaughterhouse Sabotaged in Memory of Clément Méric

Over the weekend, a mobile slaughter unit operated by Shoe's Mobile Slaughter
and Processing (14515 Coon Hollow Rd, Sublimity, OR) was decommissioned by
having a gallon of bleach poured into its fuel tank. When the liquid bleach
comes into contact with the diesel in the tank it
will create a chemical reaction that will cause rapid corrosion to the unit's
fuel system--forcing it to seize up. For the time being this slaughter unit
will be unable to be used to spill the blood of another animal.

2014 Seattle Anarchist Book Fair

We are excited to announce that planning for the 2014 Seattle Anarchist
Book Fair is underway. The book fair will be held on the weekend of August
23rd & 24th, and once again will be occurring at the Vera Project. We are
currently accepting requests for table space at the book fair as well as
proposals for workshops and discussions. The deadline for each is July
15th. Tables are $70 for the weekend (or $35 for half a table!), with
proceeds supporting not just the book fair but multiple other projects as

June 11th Banner Drop in Solidarity with Long Term Anarchist Prisoners

Yesterday afternoon a banner reading "Free All Prisoners (A) june11.org" was
hung from an overpass over I-5 in Olympia. It was hung during afternoon
rush-hour traffic and stayed up for over 12 hours. Warm greetings to Marie
Mason, Eric McDavid, Michael Kimble, Jeremy Hammond, Sean Swain, and all
other prisoners engaged in revolt against capitalism, the state, and the
destruction of wildness.

Report Back from June 11th Noise Demo at the Juvie

On Wednesday June 11th the city of Seattle held an open house at The King
County Juvenile Detention Center. This open house occurs annually in order to
provide a space for the state to show that ‘the community’ is involved in
the process of building a new jail. Inside the jail surrounded by free
mini-sandwiches and science fair-style tri-fold boards the usual do-gooders
spoke passionately of the need to develop ever more subtle means of
controlling people and preserving existing structures of domination.

Oregon: Mobile Slaughterhouse Sabotaged in Solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric Mcdavid

On the night of June 14th, we sabotaged the fuel system of a mobile
slaughter unit located at the Meating Place (6495 NW Cornelius Pass Road,
Hillsboro, OR) by introducing a corrosive chemical to both of its diesel
tanks--causing thousands of dollars in damages and rendering it inoperable.
Although this act will only serve as a temporary reprieve for the cows, pigs,
goats, and sheep that are slated to be killed by this machine of death, it
can at least ensure a few slaughter free days.

Pheasants Liberated from Oregon Game Farm

On the morning of May 20th, a visit was paid to Gervais Game Bird Farm (6565
St Louis Rd NE, Gervais, Oregon). This farm breeds 'game birds' both for
slaughter and to be sold to canned hunting operations. A flight pen located
at the edge of the property had its gate pried open, giving dozens of captive
ringneck pheasants a chance to fly off into the countryside. Do to logistical
concerns the remaining pens and enclosures on the farm which imprisoned quail
and partridge were unable to be breached. Tonight, direct action was able to
give a few animals a chance at freedom, but there is no solace in the
knowledge that some were left behind.

Ringneck pheasants are a naturalized species to the Willamette Valley and
those bred on farms retain the natural instincts necessary for survival in
the wild.

In solidarity with animal liberation prisoner Kevin Olliff and the silent
ones on the run.

For anarchy and animal liberation.



Fire to Fire

From Ultra-com.org

The following is not a report-back on May Day 2014 in Seattle, but rather a brief piece of inquiry and research. It therefore excludes many events from the day in question, though some of this (such as the issues raised by the earlier Immigrant Rights’ march) will be returned to in later articles. Note: Based on discussions with others, a few things have been freshly highlighted, and others that were cut for space have been added back in from earlier drafts to clarify several more controversial points.

The Roving Crowd

We were chasing after disparate pods of people who had come for a march no one could seem to find. It was supposed to have started at the Juvie, but by the time we showed up there were only a handful of folks with a sound-system surrounded by hundreds of armored police. Helicopters swooped low overhead. People crouched down to shield themselves from the sound as they yelled through their phones, trying to figure out where the march had gone.

By the time we caught up with it, the crowd was downtown, following a meandering path with no one in the lead. There were hundreds present, mostly young people who looked like they’d never been in a march before, their eyes shining from the sheer power of it. Everything echoed. The cops kept their distance.

Candidate for Chief of SPD Has Experience Dealing With Eugene Anarchists During Operation Backfire

From KTTH Conservative Talk Radio

Among the four candidates to become Seattle’s next police chief, do any
have the expertise to deal with the community of anarchists here that
terrorize private property each May Day and sometimes on random days?

One candidate does. Robert Lehner was formerly the chief in Eugene, Ore.,
dubbed the “anarchist capital of the world.”

The city in central Western Oregon, home of the University of Oregon,
attracted anarchists and eco-terrorists from all over the nation in the
1990s. The anarchists made their home in the city’s Whiteaker neighborhood,
terrorizing residents by riding around town on bikes, smashing windows,
apparently on a campaign to “reclaim the streets.”

After 56 Days, Northwest Detention Center Hunger Strike Concludes

We are posting this statement from Hunger Strikers at the Northwest Detention Center in order to disseminate information about the on-going struggles of those who are held in detention. However, as anarchists we are critical of the language of rights, the american dream and the greatness of this or any state. Despite these political differences anarchists in the northwest and elsewhere have chosen to show solidarity with this struggle and so, we find it to be pertinent to spread news about the end of the strike.


Assessment of one phase of struggle

Today, May 1st, a 30-day hunger strike came to a conclusion. It had a prelude of 72 hours of fasting begun on March 27th, occurring in a climate of persecution, harassment and application of disciplinary punishments, invented and prefabricated by personnel from GEO (the private company that runs the Northwest Detention Center – Tacoma “NWDC – T”), with the goal of stopping us from adding our voice to the voice of those on the outside clamoring for Not1More, stop deportations, end the destruction of families, deferred action for all, yes to immigration reform; despite suffering through rigged “hearings” under false accusations, with no respect for due process, taking out of context the actions of the “accused,” impeding free exercise of ideas and the exercise of freedom of expression, as well as the right to information. In an atmosphere of voluntary and strictly peaceful action, they unleashed a chain of “disciplinary sanctions,” applying isolation and segregation to the participants who were on rolling fasts and hunger strikes, from March 24 until April 2nd, with an eye towards the great action on April 5th. These resulted in sentences of 2 to 30 days of punishment, with which they attempted and are attempting to discourage our unity in becoming a single voice regardless of whether we are on the inside or on the outside. With certainty we affirm that they did not succeed in containing and silencing the voice of those on the inside, the voice of the detained. They did not succeed in hijacking our emotions or our disposition to struggle despite drastically limiting our rights and falsely accusing us of insurrection. The campaign to marginalize us carried out by a cruel and unscrupulous bureaucracy that represents immoral and indecent interests cannot contain a just struggle that uses peaceful methods to make itself heard.