Vancouver, Canada: Report Back From Soldiers of Odin First Encounter

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On Sunday December 11th a few hundred people attended a demo held by Chinese community organisers and anti-racism organisers outside the Richmond-Brighouse Canada Line Station, near Vancouver BC.

This was held in opposition and in response to the increasing visibility of racist, anti-immigrant (specifically anti-Asian) rhetoric being vocalized through the distribution of flyers. The flyers do not seem to be linked to a large organisation, although neighbouring cities such as Chilliwack have recently seen KKK flyers distributed. Even though not many people appear to be involved with these flyers, it is important to confront racism wherever it shows up as it will spawn more garbage if it meets no resistance.

Queers get rowdy in Olympia

The night of December 9th, a group of wild queers took the streets of Olympia, WA for a roving dance party. A flier was circulated at the final GLOSS show inviting others to “mourn, celebrate, affirm our loves for ourselves and each other, and to fight back.” As showgoers let out, they found waiting outside pink and black bandanas aplenty, spray painted baseballs bats, a soundsystem, and a banner that read “Blow up the sun” (a nod to troll queen Feral Pines, a friend who died in the Ghost Ship fire).

Support Mateen! : Notes on the Aftermath of the Portland Riots

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On Thursday November 10th Portland exploded with over ten thousand people hitting the streets in opposition to the election of Donald Trump to the highest position of power in the world. The evening saw rebellious acts by youth of color and anarchists taking actions against bourgeois businesses in the Pearl District, one of Portland’s most gentrified neighborhoods, against car dealerships and against city infrastructure. Thursday wasn’t the end, as the next day a combative protest was also declared a riot after demonstrators hurled projectiles at police and set up blockades in the streets, huge mobilizations continued for several weeks with students self organizing and blockading bridges and several more highway shut downs also occurring. In the aftermath several individuals face felony charges, and the police are still actively soliciting information on many more.

Keep Far-Right Agitator Milo Yiannopoulos Out Of Seattle

From U-Distruct Antifa

Trump fanboy Milo Yiannopoulos, a far right ideologue and mouthpiece of the “Alt-Right”, is bringing his hate-filled speaking tour to the University of Washington on January 20th, 2017 by request of the College Republicans at the University of Washington:

In light of the resurgence of racist and fascist activity on campus and around the udistrict, the university’s decision to provide a platform for such unbridled bigotry is one we as a community cannot ignore. We are announcing our intent to shut this event down and inviting our allies to join us in making the UW a fascist free zone!

Yiannopoulos is one of the many online trolls who successfully capitalized on the Trump campaign to bring fascist and racist ideas into the mainstream. While his presence on the web can be traced back to the GamerGate controversy, Yiannopoulos rose to cult fame through his work at Breitbart, where he used his identity as a gay man to express overtly islamophobic views under the facade of queer interests. Similar to Trump, the core of Yiannopoulos’ support has come from places like 4Chan, Reddit, and other online bastions of the “Alt-Right”. However, since being banned from Twitter for his anti-black harassment of actor Leslie Jones, Milo has been searching for a new platform off the web for his hateful ideology. In fact, on his current book tour Yiannopoulos has used the frame of “anti-political correctness” to push dangerous narratives about a wide array of marginalized groups. Some examples of his hatred on tour so far includes such spectacles as dressing in drag to mock a sexual assault survivor; calling to keep trans folks out of the LGBT movement and encouraging their harassment; and calling BlackLivesMatter a terrorist group.

In this context, his college speaking tour should be recognized as an effort to embolden “Alt-Right” internet trolls into real world political organizing on college campuses. In fact the College Republicans at the University of Washington acknowledge that they want this event to “raise the stakes” of the “historic meltdown” that will take place on inauguration day. In light of the success of the Trump campaign, the “Alt-Right” is looking for opportunities to turn their momentum into an organized political front. This event is a particularly important as an opportunity for Yiannopoulos to connect with a large audience, and for a large number of Far Right supporters to connect with him and others at the event. This is an opportunity that we cannot give them.

As the last year has demonstrated, in practice, this kind of free speech and discussion has meant near impunity for racists and sexists to target marginalized students on and campus with little recourse for those who are harassed. We believe that an educational community should not accommodate fascist ideologies. We believe it is the responsibility of on-campus, and surrounding communities, to shut down this kind of organizing in order to ensure that there is no platform for fascists in Seattle! This is a call to action to stand against fascism, the militarization of campuses, and in solidarity with those communities who are most at risk from this kind of neofascist “Free Speech”! We encourage those interested in taking a stand now to use the letter template below to demand the UW not host Yiannopoulos.

Feel free to draft your own message or use the letter script provided below however you choose to contact the University. For those interested in delivering their message over the phone or via mail we have provided that info below.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to express my anger and frustration at the University’s decision to host notorious racist, sexist, transphobic speaker Milo Yiannopoulos this January 20th. I am also notifying you of a growing inter-community coalition to keep Milo off campus and of my support for them. In light of the increasing hostility towards marginalized groups on campus, the continued inaction from the University to protect the interests of these students, and the recent cancelling of a similar event at Portland State University for the same reasons stated here, it should be beyond clear that this event must be cancelled. At this point it is well within the University’s control to stop this event from happening and issue an apology to the community at large and prevent students from being forced to take the initiative to keep their campus safe.

President: Ana Mari Cauce


Phone: 206–543–5010

301 Gerberding Hall Box 351230 Seattle, WA 98195

Provost: Gerald J. Baldasty


301 Gerberding Hall Box 351237 Seattle, WA 98195

Chief Diversity Officer: Rickey Hall


Phone: 206–543–2441

Media Relations & Communications: Norm Arkans


Phone: 206–543–2560

"Rightist Community" Issues Threat to Antifa

On Saturday November 19th, multiple stickers and flyers were seen around the fountain in Cal Anderson Park in Seattle with the headline "ATTENTION ANTIFA: DON'T TREAD ON ME" accompanying an image of two crossed assault rifles. The full text read:

"Members of the Rightist Community will not be intimidated into silence by threats of violence. We have policies that ensure our members are armed and trained for defensive conflict and prepared to use up to lethal force if necessary. Do not tread on us. You have been warned."

The flyer can be seen here:

Olympia Stand Blockade of Fracking Materials Attacked and Evicted by Police

From the Mainstream Media

A team of police officers and city of Olympia staff cleared a protest camp from the railroad tracks in downtown Olympia early Friday morning, allowing a train believed to be carrying ceramic proppants, or fracking sand, to pass through.

Protesters had been blocking the tracks for a week after preventing the train from leaving the Port of Olympia on Nov. 11.

As the train passed through the city about 7 a.m., some protesters threw items at it, and others yelled. Police in riot gear kept people away from the tracks.

One protester yelled, “This isn’t over. This is never over.”

Officers from the Olympia Police Department, Washington State Patrol, Thurston County Sheriff’s Office and Union Pacific Railroad Police were all at the scene. Officers arrived at about 4 a.m. and asked the group to leave. Most did, but those who refused were arrested, Olympia Police Chief Ronnie Roberts told The Olympian.

Roberts said 12 people were arrested, but no one was injured.

Four people camped on the railroad tracks were arrested by Union Pacific Railroad police, and taken to the Thurston County Jail.

Olympia Police arrested eight people on suspicion of obstructing a law enforcement officer, a misdemeanor, and they were taken to the Olympia City Jail, said Lt. Paul Lower. Police said they believe those suspects are all adults, but some were refusing to provide their real names Friday afternoon. Once the suspects are identified, they will be booked, he said.

A news released from the Olympia Police Department issued Friday afternoon said that during the arrests, masked people supporting the group arrived at the scene from nearby locations and confronted officers. The release said that group began marching through downtown, blocking roads, dumping trash, throwing beer kegs and lighting recycling bins on fire. During that activity, officers used “pepperballs” and “flash bangs” to stop the behavior.

The Lacey Police Department helped cover calls in Olympia during the incident. Roads near the intersection of Seventh Avenue Southeast and Jefferson Street were closed until about 8 a.m.

Protesters at the scene declined to comment. But the protesters, who called themselves Olympia Stand, previously issued a statement saying that their overall goal was to stop the transportation of fracking materials to North Dakota, and they were showing solidarity with the ongoing demonstration at Standing Rock Indian Reservation against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

A group of about 20 people lingered near the site after the tracks were cleared. City crews began clearing the tracks, removing the wooden pallets and other items that had been placed there.

City Manager Steve Hall said the city and Port of Olympia tried Thursday to end the protest without confrontation. City Councilman Nathaniel Jones and Port Commissioner E.J. Zita went to the camp to talk with the group.

“It finally became clear that it wasn’t going to happen,” Hall said.

According to the news release from the Olympia Police Department, “Propaganda from this group found on flyers in downtown Olympia suggested they would be violent to our community if removed.”

But Zita said she was disappointed with the decision to clear the tracks Friday. She had hoped the port commissioners would be given a chance to discuss the situation at a Monday meeting.

“I thought we were on a path that could potentially lead to a peaceful resolution, so I’m disappointed that wasn’t given a chance to proceed,” Zita said.

Only the debris on the track and city roads was removed, Hall said. People will be able to pick up their items left at the tracks.

“Anything that looks like it has any value at all, we’re going to keep that and let people come and get it,” Hall said.

Hall said there didn’t appear to be major damage to the tracks.

The Olympia City Police planned to have extra patrols out in downtown Olympia on Friday night.

Trump supporter in state Senate says protests are ‘economic terrorism,’ should be felonies

From the mainstream

As protests against President-elect Donald Trump sweep through Seattle and other major cities, a Republican state senator wants to make it a felony to participate in demonstrations that cause what he labels “economic terrorism.”

State Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, says he’ll introduce a bill for the upcoming legislative session that would allow felony prosecution of protesters who purposely break the law to disrupt economic activity, for example by blocking traffic or sitting on railroad tracks.

The proposal is unlikely to pass in a divided Legislature and drew rebukes from Democrats and a representative of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), who called it inflammatory and unnecessary.

Ericksen was Trump’s deputy campaign director in Washington but said his proposal has been in the works for months and was not spurred by ongoing anti-Trump protests — though it could apply to some of those, too.

An ally of the fossil-fuel industry whose district includes two oil refineries, Ericksen said he was aiming at punishing environmentalists, tribal activists and others who have illegally obstructed oil and coal trains, pipelines and similar projects.

Ericksen’s proposal, not yet introduced in bill form, would make it a class C felony when illegal protests aimed at causing economic disruption jeopardize public safety and property, according to a news release. It also would make organizations that sponsor or fund such protests liable for triple the economic damages caused.

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Banner Drop Fuck All Presidents

Around 5:00 on Wednesday evening a banner reading "Fuck All Presidents" was dropped from a parking garage near Westlake Center and a few thousand flyers were thrown into the streets below. Two different flyers were dropped: One for Saturday's demo against Trump and the police (10 pm, north end of Cal Anderson, wear black) and another arguing that we should respond to Trump's presidency by self organizing, rather than flocking towards yet another political party.

Unfortunately, we were unable to get any good pictures of the banner itself, but as we walked around afterwards we saw the streets littered with flyers for blocks in all directions, sometimes in peoples hands and other times floating in between cars.

See you in the streets!


Recent Posters and Handbills Against Trump, The Police and Authority

We receive via email a series of posters and handbills with the intention of reproducing and spreading in the coming week. Some of these handbills where recently handed out during the high school walkouts on Monday and where put up as part of an anti-Trump graffiti and wheat pasting campaign.

“There's a war going on outside...”
-Mobb Deep

For us, as anarchists, Trump signifies the platform for a racist and nationalistic agenda. He is creating a even more stable ecology for long term traditionally racist, homophobic and nationalist groups like the KKK in North Carolina, National Socialist Movement in Pennsylvania, the Traditionalist Workers Party and Identity Evorpa in Seattle to come out of the shadows and begin more openly organizing in the public eye. Though many of the groups say they do not openly support Trump they find an alignment with both his political views and positions on immigration and nationalism. For example David Duke one of the lead figures of the KKK endorsed Donald Trump and an issue of the Crusader by printing an image of him with the title “Make America Great Again”. For us to be against Trump means to be against racism, fascism and nationalism.

We have no desire to make small concessions with authority like the left, for example groups like Socialist Alternative and their talking head Kashama Swaint who want to replace Trump with Bernie Sanders. For us there is no alternative to power and there is no agreement to be had with power. We are against the right as much as we are against the left, the spectacular representation of politics needs to go along with the overall question of authority.
We are not interested in maintaining social passivity by declaring “LOVE TRUMPS HATE”. We feel that creating a space of acceptance or tolerance for Trump followers inadvertently is creating space for extreme right groups with nationalistic tendencies. That is part of the same rhetoric that got us here today.

Lastly, neutrality and the concept of going back to normal is not an option for us. To opt out so to speak or purely denounce the current context as a passing phase is similar to the thought that voting can change the current political context. That is why we have made an active and conscious decision to be on the streets at demonstrations, go to meetings and do public actions.
The police and the entire maintenance of the social order is put into motion by them enforcing authority over every single individual or group who deviates from the accepted form of political protest.
To be against Trump is to be against the police. For us any and all authority be it local politicians, police or the president are the loss of the agency over our own lives.

To be against Trump means we desire the complete destruction of all authority whether police, judges or presidents, we will not be complacent, we are an ungovernable force!
For anarchy! Against the state and capital!

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Trump is not our president. He doesn't represent anything that we care about. In fact, he's a racist bigot, a piece of shit. But also fuck Hillary, Bernie, whoever – We are the only people who can make decisions for ourselves. Instead of putting our hopes in another politician who will surely demonstrate that they can do nothing to curb the genocidal white supremacy that is at the heart of Amerikkka, why don't we depend on each other? In this period of revolt many politicians and parties are going to promise to take power and be 'better.' Fuck anyone who wants to take power.

Instead of trying to elect new politicians with the same old disappointments, let's take inspiration from the Black Panthers who provided food and medical care for their community while actively fighting the racist police state. Let's look to the struggle in Rojava, where people have completely self-organized without a state while at war. We are inspired by the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline where people are organizing their own schools, building structures to live in and burning barricades to keep the police, the army and the oil companies off of native land. Let's look to anarchists in Greece who are squatting hotels to give shelter to refugees and smashing down the doors of fascist parties with sledgehammers.

The politicians want us to believe that nothing but the present hell world is possible. We know they are wrong. We know that we can organize ourselves, we can represent ourselves, we are ungovernable.

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To Block the Train, Fight the Police

To stop the train, to stop fracking, to be together on the track, we must fight the police
As we hold down the tracks in Olympia, we resonate across more than one time and place.

We stand on the same physical tracks that trail into North Dakota where the Standing Rock Sioux and Comrades also block a path – between a poisonous pipeline and their lands. But we are also at the Port of Olympia, where in 2007 people blocked the way of shipments to the American Military in Iraq. There is a real force that shares power between these times and places where people have and continue to resist authority.

as we continue to refuse to let these trains pass, it is likely that tension will grow between the blockade and the port. In the coming days we should remember that the police are here to protect the interests of property, not our interests and certainly not the interests of the earth. Let’s remember how they attacked anti-war protesters on this very street in 2007, and that the police are currently attacking the people at Standing Rock who are defending their own land and the well-being of us all. The police usher in environmental devastation. The police enforce colonialism. They are an institution of racism. The role of the police has always been to protect and serve capitalism, the state and white supremacy. The police are our enemy.

For this reason, we should turn to each other, talk to each other and try to trust each other. WE should not talk to the police. We should not call the police if we have a problem. WE should develop the skills and resources necessary to support and problem solve together, instead.

When we take control of the train tracks, saying that we refuse to passively support fracking in North Dakota, the police will push us back. They want us to be quiet and afraid. But it is even more important now than ever, with a literal fascist in the white house, to stand up together against the powers that be. We say fuck the police, and fuck the law.

We block the train in memory of PMR 2007, in resonance with the power at Standing Rock, against the police.

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