ALERT FASCIST ORGANIZING: Video Callout for White Lives Matter Protest in Washington State Nov 19th

We receive and submit:

White Lives Matter are trying to show themselves in Washington state on November 19th. They have known ties to the Traditionalist Workers Party, Aryan Renaissance Society and the Nationalist Socialist Movement. We have provided a link to the original video below

YouTube Video

Please spread this information far and wide, if you or your friends know of any additional information regarding the event please send information to antifa206 (at) riseup (dot) net.

Olympia: North Dakota Fracking Equipment Blocked, Train Tracks Barricaded

Around 12:30 on the afternoon November 11th, 2016, a small group of people blocked a train carrying hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) proppants* from exiting the Port of Olympia. The two Union Pacific engine operators claimed that the grain cars were carrying corn, but the group knew better and stood their ground. As word of the action spread and more and more people arrived, the blockade gathered in strength. Eventually the engine reversed back into the Port of Olympia yard, the gates locked, and the engine operators went home.

Fracking proppants are tiny ceramic beads resembling sand. The fracking process involves injecting high-pressure fluid into the ground; the pressure fractures the rock and allows natural gas or oil to flow into a well. The proppants are used to “prop” open the cracks during extraction. Without them the cracks would collapse and no gas or oil extraction would be possible. These particular proppants are bound for North Dakota’s Bakken Oil Fields; Bakken oil is set to flow through the Dakota Access Pipeline. The blockaders have joined Sacred Stone Camp at Standing Rock and Mississippi Stand in Iowa in the fight against the Black Snake.

There is only one set of tracks into the Port and it runs straight through the center of downtown Olympia. The first blockade camp was built and maintained at State and Jefferson, a major intersection. Though police circled and surveilled the crowd, they did not intervene and have thus far been very hands-off. This will likely change, however, as the blockade has no intention of moving.

Soon after the blockade began, a white single-engine plane began to circle Downtown Olympia. It did so for several hours. Although there is no direct confirmation, the FBI has recently begun circling protest sites (Ferguson, Baltimore, etc.) with white single-engine planes that act as cell phone towers and suck up all cellular communication within their range.

In the early evening, a nearby anti-Trump demonstration passed by the blockade and numbers temporarily swelled into the hundreds. The march took off down the tracks, stopping at the Port of Olympia before going on to block traffic at the choke-point between the east and west sides of town. Meanwhile, back at the barricade, the party continued. A sound system, couches, and a steady flow of pizza kept spirits high and a small crew held it down through the night.

On the morning of November 12th the group decided to move further down the tracks to the corner of 7th and Jefferson near the split in the train line. At the time of this writing the tracks are barricaded and a rotating group of people maintains a constant presence. More people are needed to hold the space and make it stronger. Bring tools, banners, supplies, food, tarps, building materials; anything that will help the barricades hold.

Fuck Trump Night Demo: Saturday November 19th

we receive and submit a call

Trump is supported by the largest plice union in the country. He is supported by the union representing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). He is supported by the KKK.

The police helped trump get elected and they eill enforce his policies. Trump plans to give cops masssive funding to repress reistance to his fascist rule. He plans to pay them out to repress, round up and imprison undocumented people, black and brown people, poor people, and trans people.

It's time to protect each other.
It's time to fight back.

There is no neutral.

We won't let this become normal.


Map of Fascist Propaganda

In the wake of an increase of racist attacks and vandalism on a national scale, we found it to be incredibly important to make public an ongoing project documenting racist and fascist propaganda in Seattle, WA. Below is a link to a map collecting all of the emails that have been sent to antifa206 (at) riseup (dot) net documenting fascist propaganda. To our knowledge, all of them have been taken down or covered up already. This map is an attempt to disseminate the information that has been provided to us in a safe and easily accessible manner.

You can also access the map by searching for the name in the website. The map is listed under “Map #206-161”

Prisoner Letter Writing Night, November 6th, 5-7pm

On the first and third Sunday of every month, a little crew of folks have been getting together at Pipsqueak (16th Ave & Spruce) to write letters and cards to various prisoners in an attempt to create a culture of support and solidarity and to also break down the walls of communication that incarceration brings. This week we’ll be focusing on Josh Williams and Josh “Zero” Cartrette, two prisoners currently facing repression from within the walls of confinement.

“Josh Williams was sentenced on December 10th, 2015 to 8 years in prison for trying to burn down a Quik Trip during a demonstration in Berkeley, MO on Christmas Eve, 2014 that was held in response to the police murder of Antonio Martin.”

According to a call-out from his support crew he’s been put in a level 5 facility, known particularly for its violence. We’re gonna focus on getting letters and cards to him this week, also because his birthday is on November 25th! Let’s send some fiery greetings his way.

And closer to our part of the world is Zero, an anarchist prisoner in Pendleton, OR who is currently facing repression and solitary confinement for his alleged attempts in agitating for the September 9th Prison Strike. You can find his address and his most recent writing here:

And of course we will have the new political prisoner birthday calender available here:

Rage Against the Port of Olympia!

Early on the morning of October 30, 2016, we set out into the perpetually damp PNW darkness to respond to the call for solidarity actions with the Standing Rock Sioux and their brave battle against the venomous Dakota Access Pipeline, in which riot cops from five states wielded unprovoked and appalling violence against the peaceful campers of the 1851 Treaty Camp just two days prior.

News Round Up for Puget Sound Anarchists

This irregular column will be collecting news articles from around the region relevant to ongoing anarchist and radical struggles and reporting on them with an anarchist lens. It is the intention of this column to invite anarchists and our friends to use this website more as a source of news and to better connect our struggles.

* * *

SPD Under Fire for Much Misconduct

Recent Rise in Racist & Fascist Propaganda in Seattle Area & Beyond

In the last month or so, there’s been a rise in fascist and racist
propaganda seen throughout the Seattle area. There’s been wheatpasted
posters, stickers, and even graffiti in Ballard, the University District, the
Central District, Beacon Hill, Leschi, South Lake Union and Capitol Hill.
There have also been reports of posters and stickers seen on the campuses of
Evergreen State College in Olympia, WSU in Spokane and WWU in Bellingham.

Gig Harbor, WA: Noise Demo in Solidarity with the Prison Strike

Last Sunday, September 25th, just before 8:00pm about 30-40 people convened
in front of the Gig Harbor Women’s Correctional Center, in a very suburban
town about twenty minutes west of Tacoma, WA. With a bangin’ sound system,
a banner that read “Brick By Brick, Wall By Wall, We Will Make Your Prisons
Fall,” a megaphone along with pots and pans, we began creating a wall of
noise directed towards the dorms of the prison, aiming at breaking down the
walls of isolation and confinement constructed by the State.