A Call Into the Night - Fuck Security Cameras Yo

We fucking hate security cameras, they're ugly as fuck and as beautiful as we all are, we never consented to having constant video taken of us wherever we are. Inspired CAMOVER , we decided to begin mapping out all of the security cameras in Olympia and putting the information out there for brave rebel souls to do with what they will. What started out as a caffeine hyped 6AM round of screaming at security cameras turned into the Olympia Counter-Surveillance Network, an currently WIP interactive map of security cameras in Olympia.

Reflections on the Seattle "Smash The Hammerskins" March of December 6th

We showed up to Cal Anderson Park in Seattle just after the 5pm anti-fascist rally was set to begin. There were already hundreds of comrades gathered in the rainy evening, many in full black bloc and ready to fight. A number of people out that night were recently involved in the battles against Nazis in Olympia and although this experience gives us confidence, it also produces a feeling of dread that we are encountering an increase in fascist organizing.

Call to Action: Smash the Hammerskins in Seattle December 6th #DefendSeattle

From Rose City Antifa

Rose City Antifa and allies are calling for antifascists in the Pacific Northwest to turn out this coming Sunday December 6th to Cal Anderson Park in Seattle, WA to show the Northwestern Hammerskins that we stand united against fascism and racism.

​The Northwestern Hammerskins have threatened to march on Capitol Hill in Seattle, and antifascist must turn out to defend the streets. The fascist march is planned as part of the annual Martyrs Day celebrations that the Northwestern Hammerskins are hosting in remembrance of Robert Jay Mathews of the white supremacist terror cell, the Order, who died during a shootout with law enforcement at Whidbey Island on December 8th 1984. In the past this event has been a smaller affair held on private property. This year the NWHS have boasted a larger planned attendance and have announced a more public appearance, which represents a dangerous escalation of tactics. We must not allow them to be further emboldened. Particularly in light of the recent upswell of fascist violence regionally and across the nation, we must vigorously oppose any effort by fascists to claim space and spread fear.

We will gather in the north end of Cal Anderson Park, Seattle at 5pm on Sunday December 6th. Please bring flags and banners so that it is clear that we are antifascists opposing the neo-Nazis. While covering your face is not mandatory it is a good precaution to take to prevent the police or neo-Nazis from taking your picture.

People are encouraged to use the Twitter hashtag #defendseattle to post updates and make it easier for everyone to keep track of what is happening at and around the rally. Rose City Antifa will be posting updates throughout the weekend of the 5th & 6th on any information related to NWHS Martyrs Day activities.

If your organization would like to sign on to this effort, if you have questions, or if you have information related to white supremacist organizing in our region, please e-mail us at fight_them_back@riseup.net or leave us a voicemail on 971-533-7832.

Organizations that have signed on:

Rose City Antifa
Spokane Anti-Racist Action
Marilyn Buck Abolitionist Collective ​
Seattle Solidarity Network
Oly Antifa ​
Emerald City Antifa

Fascist Alert! Posters Available

A series of posters have been crafted from information that was shared via rosecityantifa.org: the information can be found here and here

The posters (8 in total) can be downloaded as a zipped file here

Seattle, Wa: Counter-Nazi Demonstration December 6th, Capitol Hill

From rosecityantifa.org: "On November 18, a member of the Stormfront white supremacist web forum posted an invitation for sympathizers to join the annual Robert Jay Mathews memorial, also known as the Martyrs Day commemoration. The Stormfront post asked for white supremacists to “Join us Sunday, Dec. 6th in Ballard, WA” and promised “five white power bands [...,] a traditional cross burning [...and…] marching through Capitol Hill in Seattle.” The attached event flyer mentions two of the promised white power bands, both of which are affiliated with the neo-Nazi Hammerskin Nation."

The post goes on to say that they expect 300 supporters to show up to this event. Whatever there is to be said about how realistic it is for that many Nazis to show up, it is incredibly important that anti-fascists of all kinds show up and prevent these Nazis from having any kind of presence in Capitol Hill.

Information about the event that is being organized by Nazis is incredibly limited, so it is being asked that people who plan on attending this counter-demonstration be prepared to move on very little notice.

For more information on the Nazis organizing this event and active in the Puget Sound area:



ALERT: Northwestern Hammerskins Annual Martyr's Day Celebration 2015, Washington State Weekend of December 5th and 6th

from Rose City Antifa

On November 18, a member of the Stormfront white supremacist web forum posted an invitation for sympathizers to join the annual Robert Jay Mathews memorial, also known as the Martyrs Day commemoration. The Stormfront post asked for white supremacists to “Join us Sunday, Dec. 6th in Ballard, WA” and promised “five white power bands [...,] a traditional cross burning [...and…] marching through Capitol Hill in Seattle.” The attached event flyer mentions two of the promised white power bands, both of which are affiliated with the neo-Nazi Hammerskin Nation.

The Northwestern Hammerskins (NWHS) typically celebrate “Martyrs Day” on the first weekend of December. This event memorializes Robert Jay Mathews, a leader of the white supremacist terror group The Order/Brüder Schweigen who died in a siege and firefight with federal authorities at Whidbey Island, Washington on December 8, 1984. Neo-Nazis often travel to Whidbey Island to pay tribute to Mathews--a photo from last year shows over thirty Hammerskins and allies posing on the Island. This year, the Hammerskins want to show themselves in a less remote location, promising events near Ballard and Seattle instead of or as well as just going to Whidbey Island. This is a major escalation by the Hammerskins.

Regional Call-Out For Anti-Fascist Presence On Whidbey Island Dec. 5th - 6th Nazi Fucks Off Turtle Island!

This is a regional call out to all anti-fascists to come to whidbey island, wa the weekend of dec. 5th-6th to oppose regional neo-nazis from rallying and commemorating their fallen shitbag hero robert jay mathews, leader of the white-supremacist revolutionary group 'The Order' killed by fbi in 1984. for a few years their meat head conventions had died down, but rose city antifa has published a picture of 33 neo-nazis taken last year. we need to rise to the challenge and let the fascists know we go where they go and we wont stop until the threat they pose is wiped from the earth. robert jay mathews' lived on smugglers cove road in so called greenbank wa and nazis are known to meet on the weekend before the anniversary, dec. 8th, at the public right-of-way on smugglers cove rd. near the house. we need to show these fascist bastards that we wont let them spread their hate without a fight!

never forgive never forget never again by any means necessary


Some Observations From The O22 March

We showed up to the O22 demo against police brutality in response to the call for an anarchist bloc. Here are some observations we took from it.

Westlake is a difficult location for many reasons. Changing clothes is only safe if you can do it away from prying eyes, and downtown is full of cameras, security guards and citizen cops. Maneuvering the wide streets of downtown or finding exits when you need them also proves to be very difficult. The police generally have greater control than in other places like the Hill or the northern part of the CD. And while we are surrounded by walls of glass, there are little other opportunities or objects to add to a chaotic street scenario. If the point of a march is to be uncontrollable, downtown is not very conducive to this end.

Despite all the obstacles, a solid amount of people showed up prepared to counter both the RCP and the police. A few different flyers were passed out, denouncing both the SPD and the RCP. Anarchist banners (one read 'ACAB', the other 'Blue Lives Murder') were used as effectively as possible to help keep the bloc grouped tightly. And someone/s brought a sound system blaring anti-cop songs which helped drown out the RCP's chants and statist rhetoric. As well as helping create a generally more energetic and conflictual atmosphere.

We're excited that people called for and responded to this event. But in the future, maybe a more strategic response to a mostly irrelevant group would be for us to have our own demo somewhere better. It's inspiring to see people in the streets, lets keep doing it!

Attack On Olympia Police Substation

Early morning on October 2, we attacked the westside olympia police substation. We smashed the windows and door security keypads, glued the locks, tagged the outside, and trashed the inside with paint mixed with brake fluid. One tag read “no cops no charges.” Our hearts swelled with joy. A few blunt objects, some super glue,and some paint can be found lying around in nearly any garage (make sure there is nothing incriminating left behind), or can be scored for a few bucks (use cash).

West Olympia police station damaged by vandals

from The Olympian

The west Olympia police station sustained a large amount of damage early Friday morning when suspects broke nearly all of the station’s windows, painted graffiti on the outside walls and put super glue in the locks.

Lt. Paul Lower said the vandals struck the station, located at 221 Perry St., sometime between 3:15 and 3:30 a.m., just after one officer left the station, and right before another officer returned.

“We believe that they were either listening to our radio traffic or watching the station, waiting for the patrol cars to leave,” Lower said.

The windows appear to have been broken using rocks, baseball bats and jars of paint, he said. All of the outside locks were filled with glue, and the suspects also applied glue around the edges of one door in a possible attempt to seal it shut.

The graffiti spelled out anti-police messages such as ACAB, which stands for all cops are bastards. Other graffiti included anarchy symbols, and a message that reads, “no charges.”

Lower said several neighbors called 911 to report sounds of broken windows. One witness said they saw three suspects fleeing on foot, and another said they saw a vehicle driving erratically from the scene.

A police K9 was brought to the scene to search for suspects, but the track only ran about half a block. Lower said that is consistent with suspects fleeing on foot and climbing into a vehicle.

Meanwhile, the windows at Olympia City Hall, which houses the Olympia Police Department’s headquarters, are still broken following a Sept. 5 protest.

Demonstrators armed with baseball bats and rocks broke several large windows on the downtown building. Lower said repairs to city hall are scheduled for Oct. 5.