DOC office attacked

On the night of Monday September 12th we attacked an office of the Washington
Department of Corrections here in Seattle. We wanted to show our solidarity
with and help maintain the ongoing prison strike initiated on Sept 9th. So in
5 foot high letters we sprayed "Strike" across the front of the building and
smashed out it's windows.

To comrades here and on the inside we hope this gives strength and the
comfort of knowing that there are others willing to attack. Towards a world
free of prison and the society that creates it!

Graffiti in Solidarity with Sacramento Anti-Fascists and Those Fighting the Police Across the Country


This past Sunday April 10th, as the night was turning to morning, we crept onto the roof of a building overlooking I-5 near downtown Seattle. There, we painted the words “Fuck Nazis Fuck Cops” in five-foot high letters. We did this in response to the call for Solidarity with the anti-fascists who fought white supremacists in Sacramento last month and in solidarity with all of those who have been fighting the police in the streets in Minneapolis, Baton Rouge, Atlanta and many other places across the country this past week.

The videos of the most recent police killings have left us feeling sick and disgusted and remind us that any fight against white supremacy must be a fight against the state and the police as well the boneheads who showed up in Sacramento wielding knives last month. Our loves goes to the comrades still recovering from the events in Sacramento and to all those who refuse to let more police killings of black people pass quietly.

West Coast Call for Day of Solidarity with Sacramento Sunday July 10th

What was supposed to happen Sunday June 26th was a mega-march of white supremacists groups against what they deemed to be the anitifa threat to their "faith, family and folk". The Traditionalist Workers Party, Golden State Skins and KKK were set to rally on the West Capitol steps in Downtown Sacramento.

May Day 2016 in Seattle Reportback

For the fifth consecutive year in Seattle, May Day was celebrated and fought for by what seemed to be nearly 200 angry people who seemed keen on keeping the streets and denying police orders. At around 5:30pm, a group of about 30 bloc’d up anarchists and sympathizers arrived at Westlake Plaza to join with a small crowd that was already gathering from the day’s earlier permitted festivities of punk bands, Food Not Bombs and literature tables. Banners were unfurled and used to create cover from the growing mass of cameras and journalists so that protesters could share materials such as rocks, masks and flag-bats. One rather large banner that lead the march for the day beautifully read “(A) WHOEVER THEY VOTE FOR WE ARE UNGOVERNABLE (A)” while another black banner simply remained blank.

Why May Day?

The following text was printed on a flyer that was handed out and thrown about at this year's May Day Anti-Capitalist March

The world that we live in is absolutely horrifying. This horror is normalized in many ways and we are supposed to get used to the fact that we should expect the police to murder black people with impunity, that we should expect to be displaced from our homes so that tech workers can live our their fantasies of an emerging urbanism that is built on the forcible removal of poor people and people of color. We are expected to forget that our friends and families are locked in prisons. We are expected to get used to the fact that the instruments of our distraction are built with minerals mined in slave labor conditions.

We are expected to go about our daily lives as if these things don’t exist, to make responsible consumer choices to ease our guilt at our unavoidable complicity in this hellworld. When people become widely aware of the consequences of living in a barely-veiled fascist police state, the available answer is that we should vote to elect a candidate to manage this horror. We are expected to vote for Bernie Sanders because “he’ll change things”; we were also expected to vote for Obama for the same reasons. And yet the drone strikes continue, the prisons are still full, and who can afford rent? We are expected to say, “at least he’s better than Trump.”

Let’s refuse to get used to it.

May Day is an opportunity to express the rage and sorrow that accumulate daily as capitalism wrecks the earth. It is a yearly tradition of attacking those responsible for this daily misery. It is a tradition of attacking the police that protect a world where more black men are in prison than were ever held in slavery. It is a tradition of making sure that those who benefit from exploitation, patriarchy, and white supremacy know there are knives at their backs. This hellworld is a many-headed monster and we cannot hope to kill it—but we can twist our knives at every opportunity.

Each year the media and the police decry the injustice of a few broken windows while ignoring the millions of lives broken by the people who own those windows. The newspapers discuss “random and meaningless” property destruction as if it is unthinkable to want to fight back against destructive institutions. This denial of reality is possible because the daily violence of capitalism is experienced by homeless people, poor people, people of color and people in the global south whose realities are separated by borders, oceans, and the effects of racism, colonialism and globalization. Whether the targets of attack are a new condo block being built after the previous residents were evicted from their homes or a row of high-end, plate-glassed businesses, the message should be clear: capitalism has us in a chokehold and there is no reason to be sorry for fighting back.

Revolt neither starts nor ends on the first of May. There are constant reasons to be in the streets, to attack capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy. From our personal lived experiences of gentrification, surveillance, and the police to all the ways this particular society uses total exploitation of brown and black people here and in the global south to fuel its tech boom and supply its commodities. From U.S. prisons to mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, from every racist police shooting to the exploited workers building a Trump golf resort in Dubai for $1.50 an hour, let’s remember what violence really is, and why it is important to strike back in any way possible.

Let’s have each other’s backs. Let’s take care of each other so we can fight this horrifying world together.

"Just Want Privacy" My Ass

As far as we can tell, those hateful asshats (“Just Want Privacy”) behind the Washington state anti-trans Initiative No. 1515 have started gathering signatures. While it seems unlikely that they will collect enough to get that steaming pile of shit on the ballot in November, let’s not waste an opportunity to fuck with them.

We are encouraging a state-wide competition – a contest of daring and foot speed. The victor? Whoever “collects” the most initiative pages for the bathroom bill and posts pictures or video online (anonymously, of course, duh) with the hashtags #justwantprivacy, #fuck1515, or whatever other message you have for the world. Bonus points if the initiative sheets are on fire. Or maybe a nice big Cleveland Steamer on top!

It’s pretty simple, really. Just pretend to be registered to vote when approached by a signature gatherer. If they are gathering signatures for Initiative 1515, which “concerns gender-segregated facilities and civil liability,” grab the clipboard and book it!

Act swiftly, commit to your actions, and have an escape plan.


Seattle May Day is Going to be Stellar

For one reason or another folks have decided to start this years Seattle May Day Anticapitalist March in Westlake Park. Tactical concerns aside this May Day could make for a pretty wonderful time. The last several May Days have crafted a tradition of "riotous play" that continues to bring lived revolt against capitalism and the state to the streets of Seattle. If your reading this an wondering why capitalism and the state are undesirable suffice to say that all forms or rulership are undesirable. Capitalism is the rule of capital and the state is a entity who rules. Capitalism—along with its predecessors like mercantilism, different organized religions, feudalism, and so on—has worked in tandem with nation-states and empires to create this hellworld we now occupy. Poverty, in its totality, is not an accident. State violence, in its totality, is not an accident. These are the results of the current ruling order whose main pillars are white supremacy, heteronormativity, cisnormativity, capitalism, and statecraft.

All Out on Friday 2/19 to Defend Camp Dearborn!

3 weeks ago, the residents of the Dearborn Nicklesville encampment passed a vote of “no confidence” in Scott Morrow who is a founding board member of both the Low-Income Housing Institute (LIHI) and SHARE which are the two primary non-profits in Seattle “servicing” the houseless. Since the inception of city-sanctioned encampments, Scott has used his connections to essentially act as the primary conduit between the encampments and these organizations and as a result, he is the de facto authoritative figure at each encampment.

A Call Into the Night - Fuck Security Cameras Yo

We fucking hate security cameras, they're ugly as fuck and as beautiful as we all are, we never consented to having constant video taken of us wherever we are. Inspired CAMOVER , we decided to begin mapping out all of the security cameras in Olympia and putting the information out there for brave rebel souls to do with what they will. What started out as a caffeine hyped 6AM round of screaming at security cameras turned into the Olympia Counter-Surveillance Network, an currently WIP interactive map of security cameras in Olympia.