Olympia: On the Call to Bring in the DOJ: Some well-meant critiques

The demand has been put forth for Governor Inslee to call in the
Department of Justice to investigate the shooting of Andre and Bryson by
OPD. While some may see this demonstration as an attempt to make this
demand and put some force behind it, we do not, and would like to
explain some of our criticisms. We do this with respect and out of a
desire for critical solidarity and honest debate among people struggling
in the streets against the violence of the state. While we all have our
differences, everyone here wants the police to stop shooting people.
Implicit in the call for a DoJ investigation is the assumption that this
integral part of the federal police apparatus, which includes such
stalwart opponents of racism as the FBI, can in some way “work for us.”
That OPD has erred, and the feds can put it back on the right path. To
be frank, this is dangerously naïve. The DoJ and OPD are two organs of
the same fundamentally racist, fundamentally authoritarian state. The
DoJ does the mop-up job when one of the minor agents of state repression
goes too far, just to keep up appearances. Every Mr. Hyde needs a Dr.
Jekyll; every mafia needs a front shop.
After the Seattle pigs murdered John T. Williams in 2010, what did the
DoJ do? Gave them body cameras, making every SPD officer a walking
surveillance camera, giving the D.A.s thousands of hours of evidence
with which to better prosecute and imprison people.

Also implicit in this demand, and perhaps more troubling, is the way it
supports the fundamentally pro-state framework of innocence and guilt.
The job of the DoJ is not to end racism and police violence; it is to
enforce the “justice” of the state. And “justice” will always be that
the state – the state is its definer, arbiter, and executioner. In this
case, the facts are clear – Andre and Bryson are the victims of an
unprovoked police attack. But when the very existence of an armed force
whose job it is to run the streets, caging anyone who dares defy the
sanctity of property, in itself constitutes a daily situation of extreme
and systematic violence, do the “guilty,” those who strike back,
“deserve” their punishment – sometimes including death by cop? In the
logic of innocence and guilt, of the state's justice, yes. This is the
logic that the DoJ and activists' recourse to it enforce.

To wrap this up, we'd like to mention that generally, we oppose making
demands, seeing them as a bolster to the power of representatives and
mediators. However, there are some demands that we see as potentially
worthwhile – they tend to be somewhat ludicrous. The idea of disarming
the police is one such demand. In contrast to a DoJ investigation, this
demand will not be met by the state because it would be politically
impossible to maintain the social order without bullets in Glocks on
cops' hips. Also in contrast, this demand might actually diminish the
power of the state: the disarming of the police would mean the vastly
increased ability of people to fight back.

But more than a demand or two, we have our own bodies and minds, our
agency, collectivity, and power in the streets. Let's not cede these to
those who wish to more tactfully manage our misery. In demanding, we
remain in the position of adolescents supplicating a malevolent, abusive
parent. In acting directly, we exercise our power as willful and
connected beings who can impede the functioning of the police state and
take back our lives. This can look like anything from blocking the
office of a prosecutor to talking to our neighbors about looking out for
each other without calling the cops.

The only world in which we are free of the fear of police violence is a
world free of police.
– Anarchists

Against the Charges. Against the Cops. Against the Nazis: Update from the struggle in Olympia

Sunday, August 30th:

In anticipation of the coming week, the city is covered in anti-police graffiti and posters, most prevalent is the statement: No Cops, No Charges.

Wednesday, September 2nd:

At a 2pm press conference, Thurston County Prosecutor/Pig Fucker Jon Tunheim announces that the state will stand behind their little piglet Officer Ryan Donald, who in the early morning of May 21st shot two unarmed black men. The men, Andre and Bryson Chaplin allegedly tried to defend themselves with skateboards after fleeing from an attempted shoplifting. The pigs, their masters and their cheerleaders decry these young men as "criminal thugs" in a thinly veiled racism. To add insult to injury (multiple gunshot wounds to be specific) not only is the state NOT charging the cop, but prosecutors announced they in fact will be charging Andre and Bryson for assaulting the Officer. At the end of the news conference protesters chant “Fire Officer Donald!”

The reason for this outrageous yet predictable decision is clear to us. The state is more interested in protecting property than it is in our very lives and in the lives of black people in particular.

In this light, we believe it becomes easier to understand why a lone pig would have plenty of incentive to attempt to murder two young black men to protect a case of beer. That case of beer can be interpreted as a representation of the property relations upon which this entire society is built. The shooting is just an extension of the racist violence which is integral to its maintenance. And in the words of scumbag Tunheim, "A police officer really can not afford to lose that fight, to just put it bluntly."

Whether these men are guilty or not is irrelevant to us because we don't accept the law. The law upholds structural white supremacy and capitalist exploitation. Therefore the police, who are so willing to murder us in the interest of defending this social order and enforcing this law, must be fought. The racist system which values a case of beer more than two young lives needs to be destroyed, by any means necessary. Fuck the law.

No Charges for Officer Ryan Donald, but Charges for the Black Men He Tried to Murder

[We were unfortunately unable to post this before the demo on September 3rd, however we are posting it anyway to share the news that no charges were brought against Officer Ryan Donald]
On May 21st Officer Ryan Donald tried to kill Andre and Bryson Chaplin after an encounter sparked by them resembling shoplifting suspects. Even though he had the ability to call for back up and use less than lethal force no encounter with the police is desirable. Even if they stole from the store Safeway is an exploitative and oppressive entity and no one should be going to prison. Prisons do not help anything.

I haven’t talked to anyone who thinks that copper Ryan being charged would solve anything. The state however in addition to letting that copper Ryan of the hook they are charging Andre and Bryson with assault charges in attempts to appease the thin blue line. This is not surprising, but it is extremely undesirable.

Those who call for peace are not calling for peace. They are calling for a false social peace where the police brutalize people in the name of their own will and the will of the ruling class.

There will be a critical mass bike ride and action on September 3rd at 5pm at Percival Landing in downtown Olympia. Folks are encouraged to wear masks.

You can send financial support to Andre and Bryson at www.youcaring.com/chaplin-thompson-family-360252

On The Recent State Repression of Comrade Coyote Acabo

On July 17th a group of people inciting social rupture to bring attention to white supremacy and police violence disrupted Olympia's Lakefair by taking two mics from the stage. After the mics were taken and handed off, the rupture-seekers around the mics were immediately attacked by a large drunk white guy named Ted E Deskins. Ted then began to choke one of the mic-holders and a confrontation ensued. Later, after the group of rupture-seekers dispersed, an officer picked Coyote Acabo up for second degree assault, accusing him of pepper-spraying Ted.

Anti-Police Graffiti Seen Week After Anniversary of Mike Brown's Murder

In the days following the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown's death at the hands of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, there were multiple sightings of anti-police graffiti throughout the Central District.

"Solidarity With Ferguson Rioters (A)" (getting cleaned up)

Coyote Acabo Support Fund

Coyote Acabo is an anti-racist organizer and parent who is being charged with a felony over events related to anti-racist actions in Olympia. This fundraiser's goal is to raise money for his legal support and all excess money will go toward supporting his child.


Rojava Solidarity March

On August 22nd, 2015, SEATTLE will be a part of the global action against ISIS (DAESH) and the bombing of civilians by AKP (Turkey's ruling party), and all people are invited to attend and march in solidarity with the people of Rojava, and in support of the Kurdish heroes who have been fighting ISIS and protecting Kurdistan from annihilation.

★★★ We will rally at 6:00PM at THE SPACE NEEDLE and march to the Federal Courthouse, and beyond! ★★★

ALL people are welcome to march! Bring your family! Bring the kids! This will be a peaceful family-friendly event!

Vancouver BC: DIY Commerical Drive Street Party

1st EVER Do It Yourself Commercial Drive Street Festival August 21st starting at 7:00PM

The VPD recently issued a statement warning that they will go after the organizers of “unlawful” events to cover policing costs. Thousands of dollars are required to secure a permit for any public event in this city, and applicants are routinely waitlisted for years on end—if not downright denied.

Announcing the Seattle Anarchist Book Fair

Dear friends,

We are delighted to announce that planning for the 2015 Seattle Anarchist Book Fair is well underway. The seventh annual book fair will be held on Saturday, August 22nd, and will once again be hosted by the Vera Project. We are currently accepting requests for table space as well as proposals for talks.