Update on Tacoma Hunger Strike

From Not One More Deportation

Tacoma, WA - As supporters looked on, approximately 130 people held at the
Northwest Detention Center were taken from the facility this morning as part
of its weekly deportation regime. At least five hunger strikers were among
those deported, according to an attorney who visited the facility on Sunday.
A hunger strike supporter holding a vigil outside the center observed two
buses leaving at 3 a.m. under cover of darkness. Supporters who arrived at
dawn to offer witness to the deportations watched six more vehicles, marked
“GEO Transport,” (five buses and a van) leaving the center. In what has
become a new tactic since the February 24th action that stopped 120
deportations, the buses themselves were used to block supporters from seeing
people loaded in chains. Despite these efforts, supporters lined the sidewalk
as the buses pulled out, making eye contact with those inside the buses, and
chanting, “You are not alone!” and “The struggle continues!”