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Olympia: On the Call to Bring in the DOJ: Some well-meant critiques

The demand has been put forth for Governor Inslee to call in the
Department of Justice to investigate the shooting of Andre and Bryson by
OPD. While some may see this demonstration as an attempt to make this
demand and put some force behind it, we do not, and would like to
explain some of our criticisms. We do this with respect and out of a
desire for critical solidarity and honest debate among people struggling
in the streets against the violence of the state. While we all have our
differences, everyone here wants the police to stop shooting people.
Implicit in the call for a DoJ investigation is the assumption that this
integral part of the federal police apparatus, which includes such
stalwart opponents of racism as the FBI, can in some way “work for us.”
That OPD has erred, and the feds can put it back on the right path. To
be frank, this is dangerously naïve. The DoJ and OPD are two organs of
the same fundamentally racist, fundamentally authoritarian state. The
DoJ does the mop-up job when one of the minor agents of state repression
goes too far, just to keep up appearances. Every Mr. Hyde needs a Dr.
Jekyll; every mafia needs a front shop.
After the Seattle pigs murdered John T. Williams in 2010, what did the
DoJ do? Gave them body cameras, making every SPD officer a walking
surveillance camera, giving the D.A.s thousands of hours of evidence
with which to better prosecute and imprison people.

Also implicit in this demand, and perhaps more troubling, is the way it
supports the fundamentally pro-state framework of innocence and guilt.
The job of the DoJ is not to end racism and police violence; it is to
enforce the “justice” of the state. And “justice” will always be that
the state – the state is its definer, arbiter, and executioner. In this
case, the facts are clear – Andre and Bryson are the victims of an
unprovoked police attack. But when the very existence of an armed force
whose job it is to run the streets, caging anyone who dares defy the
sanctity of property, in itself constitutes a daily situation of extreme
and systematic violence, do the “guilty,” those who strike back,
“deserve” their punishment – sometimes including death by cop? In the
logic of innocence and guilt, of the state's justice, yes. This is the
logic that the DoJ and activists' recourse to it enforce.

To wrap this up, we'd like to mention that generally, we oppose making
demands, seeing them as a bolster to the power of representatives and
mediators. However, there are some demands that we see as potentially
worthwhile – they tend to be somewhat ludicrous. The idea of disarming
the police is one such demand. In contrast to a DoJ investigation, this
demand will not be met by the state because it would be politically
impossible to maintain the social order without bullets in Glocks on
cops' hips. Also in contrast, this demand might actually diminish the
power of the state: the disarming of the police would mean the vastly
increased ability of people to fight back.

But more than a demand or two, we have our own bodies and minds, our
agency, collectivity, and power in the streets. Let's not cede these to
those who wish to more tactfully manage our misery. In demanding, we
remain in the position of adolescents supplicating a malevolent, abusive
parent. In acting directly, we exercise our power as willful and
connected beings who can impede the functioning of the police state and
take back our lives. This can look like anything from blocking the
office of a prosecutor to talking to our neighbors about looking out for
each other without calling the cops.

The only world in which we are free of the fear of police violence is a
world free of police.
– Anarchists

Report Back From the Anti-White Supremacy/Anti-Police Violence Disruption at Lakefair

On July 19th of 2015 a group of about 20 or so folks of varied ethnicity,
gender, and age got together to disrupt Olympia's Lakefair and bring
attention to the violent and rampant institutional and interpersonal force
known as “white supremacy” that hospitalizes, subjugates, and kills
people around the world, in the United States, and in Olympia. One of the
most tangible and brutal manifestations of white supremacy comes in the form
of the police and often out of the barrels of the service weapons and often
into the backs of black folks.

After a band took the stage a group of somewhat inconspicuously and
anonymously dressed people made their way to the stage and took two mics
chanting, “Black lives matter!” over one and giving a short speech about
white supremacy and black power over the other. Some of the audience and
staff did not like this and, although the staff were quickly repelled, a few
white audience members attacked the group who had hijacked the mics. At one
point one of the attackers choked the person shouting, “Black lives
matter!” Eventually most of the attackers were repelled and the group who
had participated in the mic grabbing left Lakefair chanting, “Black lives
matter!” and singing old Black Panther songs. This commotion caused the
band to blatantly state for the record that they were not racist and that
they supported the message of the people who took the mics.

A person who attacked the mic hijackers raised the question, “Why here?”
The answer isn't a simple one, but disrupting Lakefair brought a conversation
about white supremacy and police violence to a place where, though Andre and
Bryson Chaplin were shot a mere two months ago, it would be lacking. In the
heart of Lakefair a group of rebellious comrades derailed the entertainment
and delivered a critique of this white supremacist ruling order. The systems
of control perpetuated by lackeys of domination intentionally alienate and
shelter people and create a sense of a false peace in which white supremacy
and oppression persist. With this disruptive act comrades attempted to
interrupt this facade of social peace and name one of the many adversaries
that make life so terrible for so many people.

Because many of the people who most visibly participated in this action were
not black, some may say it indicates inherent racism on the part of the
participants and organizers. Others would argue -- including black folks
integral to materializing this action -- that it is crucial for those with
the privilege to take action with less inherent risk to use their privilege
to commit treason against the white race.

Down with white supremacy!
Down with the police!
Down with prisons and prison-like society!
Hurrah for rupture!

Post Script:
We are still waiting on more information but there may have been one arrest
related to the action. We will provide more information as it becomes

Submisson call out for new issue of Storming Heaven

Since the first night of Ferguson Solidarity protests in November of last year, Seattle and Olympia have seen an upswing in antagonistic activity. Marches, publications, graffiti, actions and a general sentiment of revolt has grown. The attempt at chronicling this time frame is not to imply an end, but to give context for the future. And to try and capture some of the beauty and horror and everything in between that is the reality of living a life in conflict with the state.

We can pull report backs off the internet and the communiques are already written, but what we are looking for are anonymous personal accounts...what did it feel like? What were the best and worst moments of an event? What were the actions and events that did not hit the news that you think people should know about?

If an account is too incriminating, to the author or others, or does not fall in line with our anarchist/anti-domination ethics we won't include it. If you want to send us sweet pics, please remove the meta data first. The best way to send text is from a riseup.net account in the body of the email and not as an attachment. We can also do pgp if someone prefers that.

Please get all submissions to us by June 21st.

-the storming heaven crew stormingheaven@riseup.net

Some topic suggestions-
Anti-Police/White Supremacist actions in Olympia
Ferguson Solidarity nights in November/December

Report back from the recent Oly FTP night march

First off contrary to popular belief it was not all crackers at the Fuck the Police march that happened a little after 11pm on May 21st, 2015.

The march started off slowly as people decided to take the street across from the nearly already cop infested Artesian Well and as soon as people dressed mostly in masks and in black started taking the street a drunken violent white dude who had been spewing incoherent cop apologia all day started yelling at people about this and that and eventually attacked the march. This is where the first known arrest happened. A young fellow with a skateboard for better or worse was trying to basically stop the drunken cop lover from being sent to the hospital and surprise surprise the cops grabbed the young fellow and not the attacker. Eventually the cops grabbed the drunk coplover too, but no one wanted to press charges so the cops let him go later near the march and he stayed out to the fray and muttered dribble about not all cops and revolution for the rest of the march.

The march went on with chants ranging from "No Cops! No KKK! No Racist USA!" to old Black Panther songs to "This won't end until the last cop dies!" Throughout the march people made it clear that they approved of shoplifting from capitalist institutions and were down with those who have decided to return fire against the racist cops.

Some of the few black members of the march successfully made points about directions they thought the march should go in were typically front and center in terms of steering mostly due to their own willingness to do so. The bullhorn was usually passed among them. However, they did not take an authoritarian position. Of course there was probably some racist dynamics playing out as happens in all mostly white spaces.

Another cop-lover and apparent sexist racist flag waving fake-cowboy who had been harassing the previous less confrontational march earlier came out of the Big Whisky and pulled a knife on people. Similar clashes happened throughout the night sometimes the cops were their to make sure the coplovers could heckle and attack the march and get away with it sometimes there were not.

Things picked up in pace when the march returned to the pro-police march in front of the city hall. People confronted the news people and the pro-police crowd began to brawl(one such person was Joe Ty of the band Black Top Demon who is also a rapist and a fan of Nazis apparently) with the marchers. This is where the cops stepped in and shot "bang balls" at the crowd. One bang ball gave the front line of cops a good startle and it was hilarious. At this point people began to disperse and others began to run into alleys some people even threw rocks at the cops and their friends before leaving the immediate area. Some people still bloc'd up ran and managed to elude the cops and a few more incidents happened involving a variety of things and people such as newspaper boxes and racist taxi drivers this time without the police escort.

Oly Oly Oxen Free, some anarchists