Gig Harbor, WA: Noise Demo in Solidarity with the Prison Strike

Last Sunday, September 25th, just before 8:00pm about 30-40 people convened
in front of the Gig Harbor Women’s Correctional Center, in a very suburban
town about twenty minutes west of Tacoma, WA. With a bangin’ sound system,
a banner that read “Brick By Brick, Wall By Wall, We Will Make Your Prisons
Fall,” a megaphone along with pots and pans, we began creating a wall of
noise directed towards the dorms of the prison, aiming at breaking down the
walls of isolation and confinement constructed by the State.

Cautionary Note to May Day Protesters, Rioters, and Combatants: Stay Free

Reposted and taken from: Total Freedom: Seattle Free Press

May Day’s riotous anti-capitalist demonstration was wild and exhilarating. Now let’s review some tips for keeping safe after the fact.

- Do not keep the clothes you wore at the demonstration tonight! Dispose of them securely. The police are already asking for photographs and videos in which people could be identified committing crimes. If you did anything that might have been illegal tonight, or could be mistaken for someone who did, ditch those clothes before they become evidence against you!

- Similarly, do not keep any other instrument you used to commit a crime. For example, there are already photos in the media of people breaking windows with visible, recognizable implements. Ditch those tools before they become evidence against you!

- Do not brag about rioting or other illegal activity, especially not on the internet or in texts!

- The police will be scouring Facebook and other social media looking for such boasts. If they arrest you, they will confiscate your phone and use information they find in text messages (including ones you think are deleted) as evidence against you. Resist the urge to brag to friends about tonight. This is a double-edged sword: the seductive appeal of insurrection should be communicated and spread, but be careful. For example, it may be okay to talk about being at an event or supporting what happened there, but it is a terrible mistake to claim to have thrown a bottle or to know who did.

- The police may also be looking to talk to anyone who was there to identify certain individuals as troublemakers; NEVER PROVIDE INFORMATION ABOUT OTHER DEMONSTRATORS TO LAW ENFORCEMENT! This is most easily accomplished by not talking to the police at all.

Learn more about security culture:

Portland, OR: Anti-Gentrification Sabotage in Solidarity with Baltimore Rebellion

On Tuesday night survey stakes were pulled up at a proposed townhouse development off N. Williams Ave in North Portland. This is an small act of solidarity with the uprising in Baltimore carried out in an effort to highlight the relationship between gentrification and the perpetuation of white supremacy, police repression, and displacement. The dispossessed of Baltimore are not alone in their desire to strike out against a society that is intolerable.

-some anarchists

Juvie Contractor Truck Burned in Solidarity with Baltimore Rebellion

Early in the morning on April 28th flames engulfed a truck in a construction site across the street from the King County Juvenile Detention Center on 12th Ave. The constuction site is a new development being built by Spectrum Development Solutions, who are responsible for gentrifying 12th avenue and are involved in building the new youth jail. The trucks tire's were slashed, it's fuel lines were cut and then it was completely destroyed by fire. ;)

This was done in solidarity with rebels fighting the police in the streets of Baltimore. In the wake of the rebellion in Ferguson last year, Baltimore has also erupted into riots sparked by yet another brutal police murder. Buildings and cars are smoldering, stores have been looted and the police and media have been attacked repeatedly, often having to run for their own safety. The media backlash of rehearsed condemnation is so obviously a farce to all of those who find inspiration and encouragement in these moments.

Sometimes the rationale of this prison society manifests in the killing of young black men in the street (Freddie Gray, Mike Brown, Eric Garner and so many more), everyday it manifests itself in the mass imprisonment of black and brown people. No matter what, this society thrives on death. Fuck the murderous, racist police, fuck the media and fuck anyone who is helping to build this prison society.

Trees Spiked In Solidarity With Bainbridge Island Tree Sit

For a couple days now a woman has been sitting in a tree on Bainbridge Island
to block the construction of a mini-mall and to protect the trees the would
be clear cut and the ecosystem that would be devastated. We noticed that
despite the media spectacle and the police presence there was really no one
watching the woods. Dawning black from head to toe in the bright light of day
we spiked about 1/8th of the trees with ceramic rods.

Now some of you may say that tree spiking is dangerous, but only one worker
has ever been hurt by a tree spike and he admitted that it was due to the
poor safety conditions at the mill he worked at. Metal, rocks, and the like
get caught on trees all the time. The most common of these is barbed wire
which has mutilated many-a-worker, but something no one seems to complain
about. This is probably because people care more about property than another
lifeforms well-being.

Anyway, solidarity with all those wonderful rebels out there.

-some anarchists

MSM coverage of the woman in the tree:

Banner Drop in Solidarity With Ferguson

On Friday August 22nd we dropped a banner reading 'RIP Mike Brown, Fuck the Police'
over Fauntleroy Way leading to the West Seattle Bridge. We were inspired by the rebels
in Ferguson who have spent the last few weeks in open conflict with the police and the
white-supremacist state. Ferguson is beginning to fade from the headlines and the riots
in the streets are beginning to die down, but the state murders black and brown people
with impunity all the time and we hope that people in Ferguson and elsewhere will
continue to fight back even when the streets seem empty. A banner hanging over
a freeway is a small act of solidarity but one which we hope warms the hearts of
friends and rebels fighting in the streets.

-some anarchists

Reportback: Vigil and Rally at SODO Lightrail Station, in Response to Cop's Murder

On Sunday July 6th, there was a midday rally and vigil that, for the most
part, was stationed at the SODO light rail location where Oscar Perez-Giron's
life was taken that previous Monday (as other previous PSA postings have

Around 75 people gathered; many family and friends of the slain and otherwise
accused came together, along with other angry and concerned people. Most of
the time was spent sharing with each other sentiments regarding the cops,
with a generalized sense that the police are enemies, especially of poor
people and people of color, as well as stories of the day and of Oscar's life
and character. Additionally throughout the rally, there were flyers wheat
pasted and anti-cop, anti-gentrification slogans tagged on the trains and
station walls.

Seattle, Wa: Banner Drop for Those Killed By Cops

On Monday July 7th, we hung up a banner over the I-90 bridge. We did this
small act of defiance and counter-information to highlight the recent wave of
murders by police in Washington State.

The banner read:

3 Murder-3 Days

This act goes out as a remembrance to those whose lives were taken at the
hands of the police state last week, as well as all those whose lives and
freedom are compromised each day.

May we fight for the living and honor the dead!

RIP Oscar Perez-Giron, and the other fallen last week!

-some anarchists

June 11th Banner Drop in Solidarity with Long Term Anarchist Prisoners

Yesterday afternoon a banner reading "Free All Prisoners (A)" was
hung from an overpass over I-5 in Olympia. It was hung during afternoon
rush-hour traffic and stayed up for over 12 hours. Warm greetings to Marie
Mason, Eric McDavid, Michael Kimble, Jeremy Hammond, Sean Swain, and all
other prisoners engaged in revolt against capitalism, the state, and the
destruction of wildness.