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Base Camp: Shut Down The Fossil Fuel Empire

July 28, 2017 - August 6, 2017

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Converging to shut down the fossil fuel empire: The sky is filled with enough poison.  In the last few months we watched Standing Rock burn and bore witness to the crumbling of environmental protections agencies. Dying forests, rising seas, an unprecedented global breakdown; the fossil fuel industry dominates our lives and the political system while the climate crisis roars towards mass extinction…  yet the Pacific Northwest remains a stronghold for resistors who have fought and defeated new fossil fuel industry projects, over and over.

Climate, lands and water protectors among us have stopped tar sands trucks, halted Arctic drilling equipment, shut down coal export docks, turned off pipelines, blockaded oil trains, and converged en mass on refineries. We have consistently defended against fossil fuel expansion, but how, now, do we shut down the existing machinery of death? How do we escalate? Where do we confront an industry represented in every light switch and automobile? How do we fight in such a way as to undermine not just one industry but the authoritarian power structure that sustains it? The answers are unlikely to find us in meeting halls between the hum and drum of  survival under capitalism.

This summer we call on Pacific Northwest Fossil Fuel Resistors to return to the woods.

Come camp with us. Let’s spend time together in the forest. Let’s develop a vision and share skills. Let’s hear each other’s stories from Standing Rock and insights from local battles. Let’s mourn the losses we are suffering, build campfires, make blockade art, strategize and rage against death.


Roadshow June and July throughout the Pacific Northwest and down the Coast. A means to connect the work of local groups to a broader regional effort and to plant the seeds of new action groups. Mapping the fossil fuel resistance landscape in the region, the political power of the industry, and frameworks for intervention. If you want to host us in your town, add local perspective, and plug people into your campaigns, contact us.

Camp in early August on private land in central Washington. Daily builds, skill-shares, planning, and all the food and falling in love one expects at an action camp. If you have skills you want to share or conversations you want to facilitate, please contact us.

Action from after camp until we’ve shut down the last oil refinery, turned off the last coal-fired power plant, and can pursue our own destinies free from the threat of global destruction.

Reserve a spot at camp by emailing: [email protected]


July 28, 2017
August 6, 2017


Central Washington