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PORTLAND: Defend Immigrants, Fight Back Against Patriot Prayer

December 9, 2017

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Patriot Prayer is again calling for a bigoted rally that will threaten our communities. On Saturday the 9th, Patriot Prayer will gather with other bigots and white supremacists in Portland to intimidate and harm immigrant communities. The extreme right is opportunistically amping up their violent rhetoric after the accidental death of Kate Steinle and they are threatening and justifying white supremacist violence against immigrant communities.

Rose City Antifa proudly stands with and defends immigrants and refugees. Portland must stand against this threat and say that in Portland immigrants and refugess are welcome, and that white supremacists, fascists, and racists are not. We will defend ourselves against these bigoted, murderous white supremacists who threaten or harm the integrity of our neighborhoods and communities!


December 9, 2017