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Before submitting to PSA, please read the following guidelines and suggestions:

What we post

  • Examples of contributions are communiques, editorials, first hand accounts, report-backs, interviews, documentaries, original research, essays, etc. that comes from an anarchist perspective and are specifically about the Pacific Northwest.
  • We also post links to articles from the mainstream media that are relevant to anarchists in the Pacific Northwest – these links will be posted in a side bar, unless it is accompanied by original analysis from an anarchist perspective.
  • Feel free to post calls to action or event announcements but remember that if you do not promote your event with fliers or other networks and only post it online it may not happen.
  • Please do not share anything that directly or indirectly incriminates individuals. We don’t want to know who did what. If you are unsure on security culture basics, read here What is Security Culture or listen here.

Before you post

  • Please proofread, spell-check, edit and fact check your piece, we have limited resources and rely on your diligence. (if your submission has not been proofread it will not be posted. Feel free to email us at [email protected] if your submission is not posted or if you have other questions.)
  • When possible, include hyperlinks to back up facts and quotes.
  • If you are unsure how to include a video, just include the URL of the video in the text, or email it to us, and we’ll add it for you.
  • Include PDFs for zines for printing and they will be added to our “zine library” section.
  • Photos, and Videos are strongly encouraged! Please wipe your meta (EXIF) data. Please include at least one picture.
  • Please remove METADATA with this Exif Purge.

Some questions to consider if you are writing something to submit to PSA

  • Does the analysis have an anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist perspective?
  • Is the action self-organized and put forward outside the control of top-down groups?
  • Is the activity in conflict with an institution of power?
  • Was there risk involved in the action or was the symbolism powerful enough to create a deeper resonance with other liberatory struggles?
  • Does the piece place itself in a larger context or history of revolt?
  • Was the action or analysis based in the Pacific Northwest or does it have a strong relationship to this region?

Please consider reading our Privacy and Security page.

**We are currently working on making it easier to submit events. In the meantime, please submit information for your events in the submission form below and we’ll add them to the calendar**

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