Zine Library

This is an incomplete library of zines from anarchist and anti-authoritarian struggles in the Pacific Northwest

While it often seems like everything on the internet lasts forever, many anarchist zines from the Northwest that were once published online are now difficult if not impossible to find. We’re doing our best to try to preserve  the history of our struggles so that we can both learn from them and take inspiration from the long history of revolt that exists in our region. If you have something to add to this list please let us know!

Anti-Extraction Struggles

Against The Port and It’s World: actions against fracking in Olympia –  Print  / Read

The Olympia Communard – Issue #1 – Print

Commune Against Civilization: Dispatches from the Olympia Blockade 2017 – Print


A Field Guide to Straw Men: Sadie, Exile, Esoteric Fascism, and Olympia’s Little White Lies – Print / Read

Towards A More Holistic Violence: Thoughts On PNW Anti-Fascism – Print / Read


Burning the Bridges They are Building: Anarchist Strategies Against the Police – Puget Sound, 2011 – Print / Read

Against the Police & and the Prison World They Maintain: Communiques from the Pacific Northwest – January – March, 2011 – Print

The Post-Ferguson Struggle Against Police & Fascism in the Pacific Northwest: An Incomplete Glimpse into a Dynamic and Unfolding Context – Print


Queer Fire: The George Jackson Brigade, Men Against Sexism, & the Gay Struggle Against Prisons – Print / Read / Listen

The Anti-Exploits of Men Against Sexism – Print

Relentless: An Interview with Coyote Acabo –Print / Read

Jail, Social Prison, Or…: A Cal for an Anarchist Response to the Construction of the Youth Jail at 12th and Alder – Print


We Will Not Cooperate: Recent News and Communiques on State Repression and the Grand Jury in the Pacific Northwest – Print

Love for the Silent Ones: A Collection of Communiques and Reports from Actions in Solidarity with the Northwest Grand Jury Resisters – Print

We Want to Win: We Really Want to Destroy Capital – Print

Student Struggles

Occupy Everything Demand Nothing [TESC] 2010 – Print

Evergreen Disorientation Manual 2016 – Read

Security Culture & Staying Safe

Cover Your Forehead…: and other lessons from Pax – Print


N30: The Seattle WTO Protests – a memoir and analysis with an eye to the future – Print / Read

ACME Collective – N30 Black Bloc Communique – Print / Read

WTO Seattle Logistics Zine – Read / Print


A Couple of Unmanageable Outlaws in the Pacific Northwest – Print

The Hilltop Boys: The true story of the Hilltop Crips – Print

What is Happening at the Well? [Olympia] – Print

Olympia May Day 2017: two reportbacks –  Print / Read

“Burn Olympia, Burn” – A conversation with M-1 of dead prez – Read

Bridges Still Burning: an anarchist account of Occupy Seattle 2012 – Print

Puget Sound Anarchists: an irregular digest, issue 2 – print & read

Salish Sea Intifada: Notes on Expanding the Struggle for the Liberation of the Palestinian People – Print / Read