Portland Or: Response to Police Shooting in Portland

Michael Harrison, a man in distress using a kitchen knife to wound himself, was shot multiple times by Portland Police officers on Sunday night. It has consistently been the response of the Portland Police Bureau and police worldwide to harass, wound, and murder people experiencing mental health issues. Everywhere we turn cops are killing people of color, the poor, those dealing with mental heath crisis and others marginalized in society. The message is clear that in order to serve the few the many are completely expendable. A group of 15-20 people took to the streets on Monday night after hearing about this most recent police shooting in Portland. The small demonstration took over all lanes of Broadway going westward from 10th. The march began with chants of "cops, pigs, murderers" and "All cops are bastards". It appears that the opportunity was taken to break the windows of a Starbucks and a nearby bank. The group held the street marching for several blocks supported by the honks and raised fists of passersby. Traffic cones and construction equipment were dragged into the street to slow down traffic. Police showed up en masse near Williams avenue, perhaps 8-10 cars in total. Some began taunting the demonstrators, saying "Come get some pretty girl." and "We are going to sweep you up and arrest you all." among other unintelligible drivel. The PPB more commonly keep their distance and remain unengaged with demonstrators after they shoot someone but on this occasion they appeared more as witless bullies. The marched turned back eastward and the group decided to disperse when it felt safe, as cops remained in the area for some time. This was a small gesture for Michael Harrison, Aaron Campbell, James Chasse, Jack Collins and all others shot down by police when what they needed was support during difficult times. For all the individuals whose lives have been taken by police, and for ourselves, we will continue to fight for a world without police.


Cautionary Note to May Day Protesters, Rioters, and Combatants: Stay Free

Reposted and taken from: Total Freedom: Seattle Free Press

May Day’s riotous anti-capitalist demonstration was wild and exhilarating. Now let’s review some tips for keeping safe after the fact.

- Do not keep the clothes you wore at the demonstration tonight! Dispose of them securely. The police are already asking for photographs and videos in which people could be identified committing crimes. If you did anything that might have been illegal tonight, or could be mistaken for someone who did, ditch those clothes before they become evidence against you!

- Similarly, do not keep any other instrument you used to commit a crime. For example, there are already photos in the media of people breaking windows with visible, recognizable implements. Ditch those tools before they become evidence against you!

- Do not brag about rioting or other illegal activity, especially not on the internet or in texts!

- The police will be scouring Facebook and other social media looking for such boasts. If they arrest you, they will confiscate your phone and use information they find in text messages (including ones you think are deleted) as evidence against you. Resist the urge to brag to friends about tonight. This is a double-edged sword: the seductive appeal of insurrection should be communicated and spread, but be careful. For example, it may be okay to talk about being at an event or supporting what happened there, but it is a terrible mistake to claim to have thrown a bottle or to know who did.

- The police may also be looking to talk to anyone who was there to identify certain individuals as troublemakers; NEVER PROVIDE INFORMATION ABOUT OTHER DEMONSTRATORS TO LAW ENFORCEMENT! This is most easily accomplished by not talking to the police at all.

Learn more about security culture:

A Report Back from the Seattle Anti-Capitalist May Day March

There are as many perspectives on May Day as there were participants, this is but a small collection of them.

"This is no longer demonstration management, this is a riot." - Chief

It shouldn't be a surprise that this year's May Day Anti-Capitalist march got wild. The media had been in scare tactic over drive and police press conferences urging calm began nearly a week before a single person hit the street. For better or worse, the city has developed traditions around the 1st of May in Seattle. The media creates a climate of fear around posters and runs a constant stream of stock footage in an effort to sensationalize “what might happen?”. The police hold press conferences about their improved methods for both neutralizing the crowds and minimizing property damage, all the while decrying 'a few bad protesters' that might ruin an otherwise peaceful day. While much of the ritual of media sensationalism and police demonstration of force were repeated verbatim from previous years, the crowd this year was unswayed and more confrontational, more angry and more prepared.

As usual, the march began at Seattle Central College, a space often used as the meeting point for antagonistic anarchist marches. It's never clear what draws numbers to an event, but an understanding has been established that if you want to be at the rowdiest shit that day, then Central is the place to be. By 6pm over 150 people were milling about, some in bloc, some not, while supplies were passed between hands and tensions grew.

After some time the march headed north on Broadway, completely flanked by bike cops in riot gear. More pigs waited in marked and unmarked vans throughout the Capitol Hill neighborhood and helicopters circled overhead. The threats of a well outfitted response to past violence made by both mayor Ed Murray and police chief O'Toole were not empty ones. After only a few short blocks the first sound of breaking glass could be heard as the march passed the Bank of America.

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Portland, OR: Anti-Gentrification Sabotage in Solidarity with Baltimore Rebellion

On Tuesday night survey stakes were pulled up at a proposed townhouse development off N. Williams Ave in North Portland. This is an small act of solidarity with the uprising in Baltimore carried out in an effort to highlight the relationship between gentrification and the perpetuation of white supremacy, police repression, and displacement. The dispossessed of Baltimore are not alone in their desire to strike out against a society that is intolerable.

-some anarchists

Juvie Contractor Truck Burned in Solidarity with Baltimore Rebellion

Early in the morning on April 28th flames engulfed a truck in a construction site across the street from the King County Juvenile Detention Center on 12th Ave. The constuction site is a new development being built by Spectrum Development Solutions, who are responsible for gentrifying 12th avenue and are involved in building the new youth jail. The trucks tire's were slashed, it's fuel lines were cut and then it was completely destroyed by fire. ;)

This was done in solidarity with rebels fighting the police in the streets of Baltimore. In the wake of the rebellion in Ferguson last year, Baltimore has also erupted into riots sparked by yet another brutal police murder. Buildings and cars are smoldering, stores have been looted and the police and media have been attacked repeatedly, often having to run for their own safety. The media backlash of rehearsed condemnation is so obviously a farce to all of those who find inspiration and encouragement in these moments.

Sometimes the rationale of this prison society manifests in the killing of young black men in the street (Freddie Gray, Mike Brown, Eric Garner and so many more), everyday it manifests itself in the mass imprisonment of black and brown people. No matter what, this society thrives on death. Fuck the murderous, racist police, fuck the media and fuck anyone who is helping to build this prison society.

All Out for May Day

MAY 1 2015

Join us in the streets this May 1st at 6pm for the annual anti-capitalist
march. With its roots in the labor movement, May Day continues to this day as
a riotous celebration of revolt against bosses, landlords, work, and

On May 4, 1886 in Chicago, someone threw a bomb at the police during a strike
in a fight for an 8-hour work day and in protest of the cops killing several
workers the day before. Seven cops and four humans were killed. Subsequently
eight anarchists were arrested and convicted of conspiracy. Four of the
anarchists were hanged and another committed suicide in prison. This is the
origin of May Day.

More recently in Seattle, hundreds of anarchists and other anti-capitalists
converged on downtown on May Day 2012 and lay wreck to banks, businesses, and
a federal courthouse. The State responded with perhaps the most significant
repression against anarchists in the NW recently and deployed a federal grand
jury to disrupt, misdirect, isolate and neutralize a growing sentiment and
practice of anger and attack against hierarchy and domination. Despite the
efforts of the state, anarchists remained strong and defiant and no one was
ever charged with the crimes being investigated by the grand jury.

Let's continue a lively, joyous tradition of defiance to capitalism, the
state, hierarchy, and domination! May Day is our day!

Prisons are the New Plantations: Reportback from disruption of the Sustainable Prisons Project

On May 22 and 23, The Evergreen State College in Olympia hosted a conference
for the "Sustainable Prisons Project," a disgusting attempt to make
modern-day slavery palatable to those who are superficially concerned about
green eco sustainable whatever bullshit. A prison that recycles and has a
garden, or where prisoners rehabilitate turtles and have a tree in their
cell, is still a prison. It is still a form of slavery and torture and a tool
of the state and white supremacy.

On April 22 approximately 20 people showed up to disrupt the conference.
There was a banner that said "Fire to the Prisons" and one that said "Prisons
are the new plantations - Fuck the SPP." Many people carried pots, pans,
drumsticks, and other noisemakers. The group attempted to go in the main
doors to the conference on the fourth floor of the library but was thwarted
by some prison-lovers guarding the doors. So the noisy prison-haters instead
went back outside, jumped some railings, and went across the roof to a
courtyard outside the conference room. Hilariously, the cops were physically
unable to jump the fence. Perhaps gravity was acting a little stronger on

The Portland Radicle is Looking for Contributors

The Portland Radicle* is looking for community members who would like to join
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The Radicle is an anarchist print project that kicked off in 2012. We once
had a good rhythm for solicitation and publication, as well as a robust
editorial collective. At present, we're down to four people, and we've
struggled to publish consistently. While the paper is in no danger of being
discontinued, we believe that we would be stronger with more participation
and more ideas.

Optimally, we'd love to make the Radicle an engaging multimedia platform for
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