Action Attack

Wells Fargo Attacked in Solidarity with NW Detention Center Hunger Strikers

Early in the morning of April 28th we ran up to the Wells Fargo bank in the
Madison Park neighborhood of Seattle. In just a couple of breif joyous
moments we chucked a couple of rocks through their windows and left. It was
easy, fun and exhilarating.

We were inspired by the defiance of the detainees in Tacoma’s ICE Prison on
hunger strike, who are demanding better pay, better food, better treatment,
lower commissary, and fairness. We were excited to hear that 70 more strikers
have joined the hunger strike as of Monday.

Wells Fargo was chosen as a target because it is one of the main funders for
the GEO Group which owns and operates the Tacoma ICE facility.
As long as borders and capitalism exist, human beings will be caged,
dehumanized, and treated as nothing more than a means by which to make a
profit. Deportation is an example of the inherent violence of capitalism and
the state. Borders are arbitrary lines drawn for the purposes of maintaining
white supremacy and imperialism.

Smash Borders
Smash Banks
Smash ICE
Smash Prisons