Update on Tacoma Hunger Strike

From Not One More Deportation

Tacoma, WA - As supporters looked on, approximately 130 people held at the
Northwest Detention Center were taken from the facility this morning as part
of its weekly deportation regime. At least five hunger strikers were among
those deported, according to an attorney who visited the facility on Sunday.
A hunger strike supporter holding a vigil outside the center observed two
buses leaving at 3 a.m. under cover of darkness. Supporters who arrived at
dawn to offer witness to the deportations watched six more vehicles, marked
“GEO Transport,” (five buses and a van) leaving the center. In what has
become a new tactic since the February 24th action that stopped 120
deportations, the buses themselves were used to block supporters from seeing
people loaded in chains. Despite these efforts, supporters lined the sidewalk
as the buses pulled out, making eye contact with those inside the buses, and
chanting, “You are not alone!” and “The struggle continues!”

Grand Jury Resister Steve Returns Home!

Hi, my name is Steven Jablonski. I am anarchist and Grand Jury
After living in exile in Canada for about a year and a half, I returned
to United States about a month ago. My return was not meant to be
secretive but I felt the need to take some time for myself to collect my
thoughts and decompress before I releasing an official statement. I now
feel ready to break the silence and clarify some of the confusion around
me being subpoenaed for the Seattle Grand Jury investigating May Day 2012
in Seattle.

Seattle Police Fatally Shoot Bank Robber

From The Stranger

On April 3rd, Seattle police officers shot and killed a man they said had robbed a bank and fled, and then crashed his silver sedan. According to police, the man was holding a knife when he was killed.

Cody Spafford, a chef at Ballard oyster bar Walrus and Carpenter, was his name. He was 26 years old and had no violent criminal record.

Meat Industry Suppliers Sabotaged in Solidarity With Animal Liberation Prisoners

On the night of April 10th, the locks were glued at Market Supply Co. (139 SE
Taylor St, Portland, OR) and McGraw Marketing Co. (2514 SE 23rd Ave, Portland
OR) also had its lock jammed with liquid nails. These businesses were
targeted for providing equipment and logistical support to slaughterhouses
and meat "processing" facilities all across the Pacific
Northwest. Both these companies play a vital role in the everyday
functioning of an industry that subjugates and murders millions of
sentient animals every day.

These minor acts were done in solidarity with animal liberation prisoner
Kevin Olliff.

-Revenge of the Cows

Seattle, Wa: Banner drop in solidarity with Tacoma, WA hunger strike

On Friday April 11th, three banners were dropped from different highway
overpasses in Seattle. This is in solidarity with the hunger strikers held in
the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, WA, a facility that currently
imprisons and deports immigrants from around the United States. This is also
for those on hunger strike in a similar facility in Texas, also run by GEO.

The banners read as follows:
Destroy Borders, Chinga la Migra;
Solidarity with NWDC Hunger Strikers;
Set Fire to ICE, Solidarity with the Hunger Strikers.

With this small act we send strength to those who refuse the authority of
their jailers. We send the message that they are not alone and their struggle
is not isolated.

Death to the Jailers,
Fire to the Prisons!

-some anarchists

Seattle, Wa: 3 Bank ATMs Sabotaged

During the evening of Wednesday April 9th. 3 Bank atms in Seattle had their
credit card slots sealed shut. This was done in solidarity with the hunger
strikers at the Northwest Detention and for Amélie, Fallon and Carlos.

- Some Anarchists

Mining Executive's North Vancouver Home Sprayed by Gunfire

Multiple 911 calls as neighbours report vehicle speeding away early Friday

Officers raced toward the North Vancouver home of a former investment adviser
and the now head of two Canadian resource exploration companies after a
shooting in that city’s Highlands neighbourhood early Friday
morning.Mounties received multiple 911 calls from the 3800-block of
Sunnycrest Drive around 12:35 a.m., including a call from someone inside a
house that had been hit by multiple gunshots, said Cpl. Richard de Jong, a
spokesman with North Vancouver RCMP.

Portland anarchist who lobbed Molotov cocktail at police car sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison

From Oregon Live

Wearing a dark blazer and tie and with his hair cut short, Sergey Yefimovich Turzhanskiy did not dress the part of an anarchist.

Instead, the 26-year-old Southeast Portland man’s voice quavered at times as he apologized to a federal judge on Monday for throwing a Molotov cocktail at a Portland police car in November 2012. The device, made out of a Pabst Blue Ribbon bottle, damaged the unoccupied 2011 Ford Crown Victoria, which was parked at the Northeast Portland precinct.

“Beyond being completely ineffective towards making a positive change … I think it had the opposite effect,” Turzhanskiy said to U.S. District Judge Marco Hernandez. “It’s the greatest mistake I ever made in my life.”

Hernandez sentenced Turzhanskiy to two-and-a-half years in federal prison for possession of an unregistered destructive device. The judge, who heard statements from three of Turzhanskiy’s supporters, said he was taking into account his remorse and the progress he has made since the incident.

Means to a Means (Reflections on the anti-prison struggle)

In August of 2012 voters in king county approved a tax levy to fund the construction of a new Juvenile Detention Center at 12th and Alder. Those in opposition to this re-build began to organize themselves amid a flurry of activity and conversation. In the end, some posters went up, an anarchist analysis of the new project was published in the local anarchist periodical, a few meetings happened, a few noise demos? and then nothing but the same old activist strategies, the same old campaigns.

Recently a call has been issued for the re-emergence of an anarchist response to the construction of the new jail. This is an effort to begin to ask ourselves why and how we would answer this call. It is not an attempt create a program for struggle or an outline for how conflict should play out, but to share a process of reflection with a broader group of anarchists in the Seattle area. The struggle against prison society is comprised of many on- going and specific battles against existing prisons and attempts to disrupt the building of new jails and detention centers. We seek to reflect on some of the ways that conflict against prison society has manifested in the past and to apply lessons learned in the Northwest and elsewhere to the context that is unfolding before us. This text is our humble contribution towards the development of an ongoing project of (self) critical analysis and attack.