An Anarchist Response to Reform & Reconstruction - Pamphlet & Infographic about Juvie Developers

“...A project that expresses solidarity with joy in the game of life that above all makes us free ourselves, destroys alienation, exploitation, mental poverty, opening up infinite spaces devoted to experimentation and the continual activity of one’s mind in a project aimed at realising itself in insurrection”
~ Revolutionary Solidarity

Some Recent Actions

This pamphlet is a small piece of the current struggle against the construction of the new youth jail that the city is planning to build at 12th and Alder. It is an attempt distrubte information about the contractors that have bid on the contract to build the new “Children and Family Justice Center”(CFJC). The information presented in this pamphlet is just a small portion of what is easily accessible through a quick internet search. We have ultimately choosen to share this information out of the desire to create a space for autonomous actions to occur in Seattle and else where. We do not want this information to be read once and tossed aside. This should not be thought of as just an “informative document.” It is a valuable resource to study and use in practice.
Discussions of how to resist the construction of the CFJC started nearly two years ago with a meeting at Washington Hall and an impromptu march to the current jail. The past two years have largely consisted of the distrobution of propaganda and analysis about the new jail and a few sporatic noise demos, the most recent of which occured on New Years Eve and Valentines Day.

Multnomah County Probation Office Smashed During March Against Police Brutality

From the mainstream media:

A Mutnomah County probation office in Southeast Portland was vandalized
Saturday night, county officials have confirmed.

Spokeswoman Melissa Navas said the county received a call from Portland
Police about the vandalism, which occurred at the county's Domestic Violence
Unit office at 421 S.E. 10th Avenue. Navas said the extent of the damage is
not yet known.

A photo of the apparent vandalism surfaced late Saturday on the social media
site Reddit. The picture shows two smashed window panes.

The site suggests the incident was tied to a protest that wound through inner
Southeast Portland last night.

A Portland Police Bureau spokesman confirmed the protest, but said no further
information was yet available about what happened at the county offices.

Wells Fargo Attacked in Solidarity with NW Detention Center Hunger Strikers

Early in the morning of April 28th we ran up to the Wells Fargo bank in the
Madison Park neighborhood of Seattle. In just a couple of breif joyous
moments we chucked a couple of rocks through their windows and left. It was
easy, fun and exhilarating.

We were inspired by the defiance of the detainees in Tacoma's ICE Prison on
hunger strike, who are demanding better pay, better food, better treatment,
lower commissary, and fairness. We were excited to hear that 70 more strikers
have joined the hunger strike as of Monday.

Wells Fargo was chosen as a target because it is one of the main funders for
the GEO Group which owns and operates the Tacoma ICE facility.
As long as borders and capitalism exist, human beings will be caged,
dehumanized, and treated as nothing more than a means by which to make a
profit. Deportation is an example of the inherent violence of capitalism and
the state. Borders are arbitrary lines drawn for the purposes of maintaining
white supremacy and imperialism.

Smash Borders
Smash Banks
Smash ICE
Smash Prisons

On the Seattle Metropolitan Project and its Consequences

/Yesterday, I spent 20 minutes watching a crew tear down a brick wall, and I
thought of the workers, long since dead, who first built that wall. As much
as I love the new, I remain haunted by the old. Just like you. Just like this

/ /-Sherman Alexie, South Lake Union, 2012

* Energy*

This story starts, simply enough, with some power lines. Puget Sound Energy
(PSE) has begun advertising its new plan: Energize Eastside [1]. They
propose to build 18 miles of additional electrical transmission lines between
Renton and Redmond. The new lines will be able to handle 230 kilovolts as
opposed to the current 115 kilovolt lines. In the process of building this
new infrastructure, PSE will seize land from private owners, tear down more
trees, and in certain cases bulldoze entire houses.

We are back

After a short period of inactivity, is active once again. The site has served as an open space for discussion, dialog, and reference over the years. It is meant to function as a space that is open to all tendencies of anarchism in the Puget Sound area. The site is in no way the meeting point or result of one group but rather a forum and tool for anarchists of all stripes to engage with one another. Although, the space is online, over the years, it has proven to be a force for regional anarchists as a place where anarchists can see parts of the local struggle and activity reflected through a neutral medium. In light of the Seattle Federal Grand Jury and its subsequent intimidation, it is necessary to continue to act and reflect as anarchists regardless of the consequences of repression. This site is just another simple tool that can be used by comrades and potential comrades to carry out their practice against the State and Capital and in solidarity with those in exile, prison, or otherwise resisting the hands of the State. Freedom and Anarchy!

Left Bank Books republishing Letters of Insurgents

Left Bank Books is republishing Fredy Perlman's classic novel Letters of Insurgents. Originally published by Black and Red in 1976, and out of print for several years, this epistolary novel tells the story of two individuals living on distant continents resume contact through correspondence. They describe meaningful events and relationships in their lives during the twenty years since their youthful liaison, comparing the choices each took. Yarostan lives in a "workers' republic"; Sophia in a "Western democracy." They both make efforts to lead meaningful lives. Along the way, they encounter bureaucrats, idealists, racists, flaunters of social convention, labor militants, professors, jailors, hucksters and more. In important respects, Sophia's biography parallels that of Fredy Perlman.

Copies can be pre-ordered from, copies should be ready by the end of March.


5E3 : Seattle solidarity demo at Mexican consulate for the arrested comrades accused of molotov attack

This afternoon, February 11th, there was a demonstration at the Mexican consulate in Seattle, in solidarity with Carlos Lopez and other prisoners of the Mexican state. A group of about 20 people chanted Carlos’ name as well as anti-border and anti-prison slogans, and a synopsis of the case and a statement by Carlos were read over a megaphone. There were two banners that said “Solidarity to all captured comrades” and “Solidaridad es mas fuerte que los carceles! Presxs a la calle!” We stood around and handed out leaflets to passers-by for about 15 minutes, then went inside the consulate and read Carlos’ statement again, and left and dispersed on our own accord.

Carlos is one of three people arrested on January 5th in Mexico City in relation to a firebomb attack on a Nissan Dealership and the Ministry of Communication and Transportation. Collectively known as the 5E3, they are being held on a special 40-day extension and are being investigated for sabotage, organized crime, and terrorism.

Capitalism, domination, and control are global, therefore anarchist solidarity is international as well. All prisons and borders must be destroyed, whether Mexican, Canadian, US, or any other. We feel particularly inspired by the 5E3′s resilience in the face of state repression because we have also faced intense state repression in the last year and a half in the Pacific Northwest. Much like civil contempt in the United States is used in an attempt to break us, the 40-day arraigo is a similar attempt by the Mexican state to force compliance on the part of those physically locked up as well as those who might be inspired by attacks on the state and capitalism.

Compxs, we wish you continued strength in the battles to come. With solidarity, non-cooperation with the state, and care for each other, you will get through this.


Train blockaded at Amazon HQ

On Tuesday, February 11th, 2014, a group of people blocked the train line that leads into the Amazon HQ in South Lake Union. They blocked the tracks with a banner that read CIAmazon, a reference to the corporation’s recent decision to provide cloud services for the CIA. Two smoke signal flares were lit in order to attract the attention of the workers inside the Day 1 South building of the campus. The contents of a flier were read over a megaphone and hundreds of fliers were distributed The action lasted around half an hour and group dispersed before the police arrived.