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5/4: A.K.A.B. Bookfair 2024 (Bremerton)

From Annual Kitsap Anarchist Bookfair

Announcing the the first annual Kitsap Anarchist Bookfair in so-called Bremerton, WA.

Join us on May 4th for the first ever Annual Kitsap Anarchist Bookfair! Anarchists have been active in Kitsap County for over a hundred years, recently there’s been an uptick in anarchist projects in the area, and since annual springtime traditions are generally on the wain, it seems like a great time to inaugurate this thing. Bookfairs have conventionally been a unique space for committed anarchists, the anarcho-curious, and sympathizers from a variety of backgrounds to come together to discuss and encounter anarchist ideas and practices.

Tabling, performances, and talks will be split between a few of the venues along Callow Ave in so-called Bremerton, Washington, on occupied Suquamish, Twana, and S’Klallam territory. Callow has historically been an area where vice has been sequestered, but in the more recent couple of decades the torch of anarchy has been kept alive in the punk scene surrounding the Charleston on Callow Ave. The Charleston will incidentally be hosting the punk show after party.

With atomization ever-deepening under capitalism and with numerous unfolding crisis it seems important to make intentional space for us to link up and critically engage in the areas we share affinity for. Capitalism, racism, and ecocide still persist, and state repression of those who would dare challenge this ruling order continues, so let’s make the effort to find each other and expand our anarchic capacities. We encourage those who live in Kitsap to come out and beat that stultification to meet up with rad people and projects in our area. We encourage those outside of Kitsap to transgress borders and come see what’s up, we have a lot in store so it’ll be worth the trip.

Tablers include: 1312 Press, Bellingham Alt Library, Bigfoots House Of Vinyl, Black Flag Library, Black Flower Collective, Bum Lung, Certain Days, Civ Fucks Distro, CrimethInc., Contagion Press, Counterflow Distro, Detritus Books, Emergent Goods, Entangled Roots Press, Free Lunch Collective, Fugitive Distro, Historical Seditions, Kitsap Food Not Bombs, Kitsap IWW, Left Bank Books, N.O. Bonzo, Philomena the Plant, Pipsqueak, PM Press, Puget Sound Prisoner Support, Rebel Cat Distro, Rowan Grove Distro, Roxy Fae, Shin Deathcap ft. Bitter Bitch, Sugar Bombing World, That Local Deaf Zinester, Ungrateful Hyenas, and more! Other events include a drag show, a showing of Kitsap Ferry Riot, a showing of Videos from the Trash Dimension, a medic workshop, mutual aid workshop, and more!

Also featuring book talks from Josh Davidson on Rattling The Cages, Rimona Eskayo, I’m Having Top Surgery: An Illustrated Guide for Me and You, and special video appearance of former political prisoner Eric King!

For info and updates please visit kitsapbookfair.noblogs.org.

MASKING STATEMENT: We’re asking participants to mask up for the bookfair both as a means of making the event more accessible by preventing the spread of RSV and COVID which are still going around, but also to normalize masking for personal security. We will be providing masks and posting signage. We feel the community will respect these desires. The only caveat being the afterparty at the Charleston potentially being a difficult event to keep at optimal levels of mask use. Knowing this may make some attendees uncomfortable we encourage everyone to lead by example and use harm reduction best practices.