Announcement Repression

5th person arrested & charged with felonies for Olympia Mayday 2017

submitted anonymously

A fifth person has been arrested and charged with four counts of felony assault in relation to the 2017 May Day demonstration in Olympia at which people defended themselves from cops, attacked banks and businesses, resulting in police arresting 9 people on felony riot charges which were dropped before the arraignment. In late April 2018 the city filed new misdemeanor charges against four of the nine, and now the county has filed felony charges against one more person.

We would like to have bail funds on hand in time for the comrade’s bail hearing in a few days – please donate and circulate this link widely:

Order shirts and tote bags to benefit bail and legal defense funds here.

If you are unable to donate, the most important form of solidarity is to continue the struggle against capitalism and the state in whatever way you can.