A Call Into the Night – Fuck Security Cameras Yo

We fucking hate security cameras, they’re ugly as fuck and as beautiful as we all are, we never consented to having constant video taken of us wherever we are. Inspired CAMOVER , we decided to begin mapping out all of the security cameras in Olympia and putting the information out there for brave rebel souls to do with what they will. What started out as a caffeine hyped 6AM round of screaming at security cameras turned into the Olympia Counter-Surveillance Network, an currently WIP interactive map of security cameras in Olympia. To our comrades in Olympia, I would like to ask of y’all to help us in this, help us find and map out security cameras, and put our map to good use. To our comrades elsewhere, we hope you get inspiration from this and make your own maps, improve on them in ways we never could and adapt them to your particular conditions, and do epic shit that will leave us speechless when we hear about it in the news or your communique.

With All Our Love, -The Techno-Barbarians of Wretched of the Earth – CounterInfo Cell