A Call to Blockade the Zim Chicago

To whom it may concern,
This is a call to action.

The Zim Chicago is a ship largely owned by the Israeli state. This ship will
be docking in the ports of Tacoma and Seattle around August 20th and 22nd
carrying commodities from China. Comrades will be blocking the ship’s cargo
from being off loaded at both locations. This is an attempt to break
complicity with the occupation of Palestine, the “prisonification” of Gaza,
and the Israeli state itself. This is also an attempt to become complicit
with the revolt against the Israeli state. It is encouraged for people from
Olympia and other areas closer to Tacoma to go to the Washington United
Terminal at the port and join in the action.

There will be two distinct zones at this action. One zone will be the
sidewalk and this zone will be more safe and the police will have less of an
excuse to arrest people. The other zone will basically be the road and the
blockade which are both zones where it will be easier for police to justify
arrest. Both zones are crucial to the blockade.

Not only is this a chance to put pressure on the Israeli ruling class which
the owners of the Zim are very influential members of, but also to find each
other at points of intersection within our struggles. Concrete concession can
be won here, but also this is a chance to attack with a certain capacity.
This post was not approved by any central comittee and actions at the ports
do not have to be approved by any central comittee either.

some anarchists

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