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A Letter to the Northwest

submitted anonymously –

Dear friends, comrades, enemies and those to come.

By now I’m sure many of you have heard about the call for autonomous action to disrupt the defense summit in Seattle on the 12th. I want to urge you all from around the region to come out, and come out hard.

Let’s be real for a minute. We’ve been weak and in retreat. Gentrification, overdoses and suicides, the rapid expansion of policing and the general misery this world thrusts upon us as an unpayable debt for the audacity to be born has taken its toll on us all. But slowly we’ve be getting back on our feet, helping our friends and comrades back onto theirs, fighting old wounds to extend a hand to new friends, accomplices and comrades. We stumble forward, awkwardly, trying to regain our footing. We’re rusty and out of practice, trying to take our time to cautiously rebuild our power.

Unfortunately, time and caution are not on our side. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you all the worsening state of the world, I’m sure that like me much of your free time is spent scrolling through the horror – the Palestinian people trapped and starved facing massacre after massacre on a historic scale, the collapse of revolution into civil war and brutal ethnic cleansing in Sudan, new forces of reaction across the globe, more violence by police as they increase their stranglehold of power, new climate disasters and unpredictable changes in weather patterns, cost of living going up and up with no signs of stopping.

You know it, you hear it and see it all the time, but do you feel it any more? Have you shut off your heart and your terror and your rage just to make it through the next day? Have you tamed the burning desire to go to war against this wretched order just to be able to look at yourself in the mirror? Have you let the fear take over and bind your actions so you can stay “safe” and “stable” while your friends and comrades and the rest of the world burns? But what kind of life is that? At that point, I think we’re already defeated and dead, just waiting for our bodies – and the police – to catch up.

I feel it too, I am so scared and dreading the future. But as I see it my options are either live up to what my professed beliefs and desires for anarchy demand of me, or promptly kill myself to no longer be accomplice to the bloody death machine of the state and capitalism which we all have a hand in making run.

I still have a fighting spirit left in me, I hope you do too. I still want to destroy the united states – and all states, I hope you do too. I still want the dangerous freedom of anarchy rather than the submissive humiliation of order, “safety,” “stability,” “normality,” I hope you do too.

If you do, I hope you will answer the call for autonomous action on the 12th. I hope to (not) see your beautiful black-masked faces and embrace you in struggle.

Why the 12th? Why not any other day? Because it’s an opportunity to fight. Because some people will be there who deserve to feel the fire they rain down upon millions around the world.

Think of Tacoma, think of Boeing, thing of all the conversations we’ve been having in the streets with strangers? People, who are not us but who are maybe much more like us than we think, want to fight. They are looking for an opportunity.

And what of you? Of us? At what point are you willing to fight? What risks are you willing to take, to not take, and why? No one will fight for us, fight in our place, and while we come up for reasons why it’s not the time the situation will get worse and worse and it will get harder and more risky to fight. Will you wait til the guns come out? Will you wait until it personally affects you? Will you wait until more and more of your old friends and comrades disappear? Will you wait until it’s too late?

Let’s give them, and ourselves, that opportunity to fight. Whether or not they take it is up to them, but let’s not wait until we’re assured to win or to have the backing of thousands to fight. We’ll be waiting forever.

Tepid, cautious actions are no longer serving us.

So makes plans, come prepared, and fight well.