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A Tacoma Anarchist Book Fair!

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What: Tacoma Anarchist Book Fair
When: September 22nd, 6pm-9pm
Where: Solidarity Spot, 1220 S 23rd St

Come through for the Gritty City on the Salish Sea’s first Anarchist Book Fair in more than a decade! Friday, September 22 from 6-9 PM, at least dozen tablers will be slinging zines, books, art, and connections to local rad groups at Tacoma’s new Solidarity Spot in Hilltop, 1220 S 23rd St, Tacoma, WA 98405.

Anarchism, that beautiful yearning for the demolition of all authority and domination, has entered the consciousness of many new folks in the last few years. This is a chance to make new connections, perhaps revive old ones, and learn about anarchy together!

We plan to provide childcare and have a vegan meal available during the fair. If you are interested in helping out with those, or have any questions regarding this Tacoma Anarchist Book Fair, contact historicalseditions [at] riseup [dot] net

Accessibility Info: The solidarity spot is unfortunately not fully wheelchair accessible at this time. The front entrance is wide enough for entry and flat, but the bathroom is not ADA accessible and lacks a grab-bar. The outdoor area that will be used weather-permitting includes a flat sidewalk as well as a flat grass yard.

The bathroom at the Solidarity Spot is gender neutral.

We’re asking folks to wear masks to limit the spread of airborne pathogens, with a bonus of normalizing mask-wearing for personal security. They will be provided at the door.