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Announcing New Anarchist Publication From So-Called Vancouver BC, ‘No More City’

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Announcing the new anarchist publication, No More City, from so-called Vancouver.

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No More City is an anarchist publication based out of so-called Vancouver. We are settler cats who live in the city because that’s where pals and projects are at. Meanwhile, we plug our ears through the constant car traffic and construction noise and breathe in asphalt fumes and car exhaust. We watch all of our favorite spaces disappear through gentrification and see fewer non-human animal friends every year. The city is life-support. The city is death.

Our work is conducted on the ancestral, unceded, and stolen lands of the Coast Salish peoples, including the Squamish, Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, Katzie, Semiahmoo, Tsawwassen, Qayqayt, Kwantlen and Kwikwetlem peoples. We denounce the legitimacy of the brutal, genocidal canadian state. canada is fake.

A direct inspiration for this project, a Vancouver-based anarchist publication called Wreck, likened their project to a message in a bottle: a one-way communication that has traveled through time. This was a gift for those of us searching for others who were profoundly unhappy with the prevailing state of affairs, the long-burning ruin and waste that frames and overwhelms our lives. The writings and news reports and spoken-word resonances of past actions left by other anarchists are like treasures to excavate. We have no guide to contextualize what we see or to show us the paved-over and blank spaces where wild things used to be. We hope to leave behind helpful scraps for anyone in the “future.” This project is for anyone who is in the right place and time to receive it and know they’re not alone.

Our intention with this publication is to document a history that exists in the whispers between friends, in anonymous communiques and midnight actions, and in bits of knowledge passed on through word-of-mouth or online archives. A history that is excluded from textbooks and corporate-media accounts of time and place. We have had to dig to find this knowledge, and want to lessen the amount of searching that future anarchists have to do. We hope that by adding to the historical anarchist continuity, we can strengthen the shared, inter-generational knowledge of our communities. Any picture of the past we put together will be flat and fragmented, void of the texture and energy of the Real Thing when it happened in a Now.

One day there will be no more city– whether through complete ecosystem collapse caused by colonial pipeline and hydro mega-projects, or because we were somehow able to create the spaces we can sustainably live and thrive in.

Our first issue covers Winter/Spring 2020, some event report backs, reflections and criticisms, but doesn’t even begin to cover all that has gone down in so-called Vancouver during this period of time. You can find the PDF here.

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Disclaimer: We exist as a publication and an aspiring historical record of anarchist activity within this doomed city. We are here to celebrate accomplishments, critique failures, and mourn losses. We as a group exist to publish and lift up other people’s actions, not to directly engage. There are other awesome groups that are organizing actions on this territory, but we are not those folks. The writing we publish is not necessarily our own accounts, nor do all contributors views reflect our own.