Action Attack

Attack in Solidarity with Calls for an Autonomous May Day

Submitted Anonymously

April 23rd
Occupied Chinook territory.
In the earliest hours of the morning of April 23rd, multiple fare machines, surveillance cameras, ATMs, and luxury cars were attacked and sabotaged when an autonomous anarchist in so-called Portland fought back against State and capital in solidarity with the calls for action in celebration of May Day. Superglue and (not corrugated) cardboard were used to sabotage ATMs and fare machines and a small hand tool used to shatter their screens, along with the lenses of surveillance cameras and the windows of the cars that the capitalists use to flaunt their wealth in the face of those they exploit. One individual found freedom and power in the night’s attack, and challenges all anarchists, autonomists, and insurrectionists to soon do the same. Take the night for yourself and attack, break their machines, shatter their wealth, slash their tires. Attack, and remind them of our presence.
With love and with rage,
Go Fuck Shit Up!!!