BaseCamp: July 28th – August 5th

An action camp in the woods of Washington state, July 28th – August 5th.

Climate, lands and water protectors among us have stopped tar sands trucks, halted Arctic drilling equipment, shut down coal export docks, turned off pipelines, blockaded oil trains, and converged en mass on refineries. We have consistently defended against fossil fuel expansion, but how, now, do we shut down the existing machinery of death? How do we escalate? Where do we confront an industry represented in every light switch and automobile? How do we fight in such a way as to undermine not just one industry but the authoritarian power structure that sustains it? The answers are unlikely to find us in meeting halls between the hum and drum of survival under capitalism.


All prior revolutions have failed because they couldn’t take the engine.

Camp is on private land in central Washington, near Chehalis. We will announce location closer to the date. Daily builds, skill-shares, planning, and all the falling in love one can expect at an action camp. If you have skills you want to share or conversations you want to facilitate, please contact us. We have an RSVP form on the website – we want to gauge how many people are coming.


Base camp is a place for beginner-level skillshares like basic direct action, media, and strategic campaigning. You are welcome to come without any previous organizing or action experience. It is also a place for advanced skillshares, to develop tactics and strategy proportional to the scale of our struggle.

Some examples of advanced skillshares include:

  • Tactical insights from Standing Rock
  • Mesh networks for action communications
  • Train protest safety
  • Climbing
  • Advanced scouting
  • Ham radio operation

We are also bringing together presenters to talk about current campaigns, fossil fuel threats in the Pacific Northwest, and climate policy. Let’s develop both the strategic framework and hard-hitting action skills necessary to shift power.

Contact us if you want to host a skillshare!