Breaking: Olympia Police Killed a Person Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis Today

Update: There will be a demo in Olympia tonight (February 7th) at 7:30 at Percival Landing in response to the police murder of a woman in Olympia today. From the call out:

“Olympia police killed a woman today they claimed was having a mental health crisis. We know that the police don’t keep us safe and prison exacerbates mental and physical health crises. Disability justice means abolishing the police, prisons, and the state. Meet at Percival Landing at 7:30 tonight. Let’s make sure the city doesn’t sweep this under the rug. Fuck the Police.”

Original Post:

There is still very little information about this situation besides reports from the main stream media, which contain little information besides what is being said by the police. Here are some of those news stories. We’ll update this as more information becomes available:

From The Olympian