Call Out for an Anarchist Bloc at the October 22nd March Against Police Brutality

The October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality has recently called for a march and rally at 5pm at Westlake on October 22nd. This has been a tradition around the country since 1996, and differs year very little from year to year. The Coalition itself is a splinter of the Revolutionary Communist Party(RCP) and maintains both authoritarian and statist ideas in terms of it’s campaigns. In the past Anarchists in cities throughout the US have held their own separate marches or tried to have a presence inside these marches on October 22nd to counter the dominant RCP narrative.

This is a call for an anarchist bloc inside the larger 022 protest in Seattle this year. There is a great distance between the wants of those adhering themselves to a party and it’s leaders and those fighting for a world free of domination. This is an opportunity to bring that conflict to the surface and make yet another stand against the police as an institution and not simply a broken object to be fixed through party leaders and slow reforms.

Come with your affinity group, banners, and any propaganda that you wish. Find the others in the crowd who share your wants and stay tight and watch each others backs!

Thursday October 22nd
5pm Westlake Park
Seattle WA

-some pnw anarchists