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Claim of Responsibility for Parker-Hannifin Arson (Portland)

submitted anonymously –

On June 4th, The Israeli Defense Ministry penned a deal to procure a third F-35 fighter jet squadron from the United States government. This deal totaling 3 billion dollars, financed by US military aid to Israel, would bring the Israeli Air Force’s F-35 fleet to 75 fighter jets. The F-35, considered to be the backbone of the Israeli airforce, has played a critical role in the IDF’s assault on Gaza, escalating Israel’s aim of the total destruction of Palestinian life within Israeli occupied territories.

So on the morning of June 9th, we started a fire at the Portland offices of Parker-Hannifin located at 6458 N. Basin Ave in the Mocks Bottom industrial area. The mainstream media did not report on this fire. The full extent of the damage is unknown.

Parker-Hannifin was targeted because they are a key supplier of the F-35 program. Parker’s Fluid Systems Division was selected to design and develop the F-35’s fuel system and onboard inert gas generating system. Parker subsidiaries also supply parts for the jet’s engine subsystem and airframe.

In 2022 Parker-Hannifin purchased UK based military arms manufacturer Meggitt. Meggitt exports military components to repressive regimes across the world including supplying the air data systems for Israel’s Apache Helicopter gunships.

The state of Israel relies heavily on weapons and materials shipped from the West to enact their genocidal policies in Gaza. As insurgents living within the so-called United States we are in a unique position to disrupt the supply chains and infrastructure that make this genocide possible.

In memory of Aaron Bushnell

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