Emergent Goods Pre-Summer 2018 Update!!

Submitted Anonymously

You miss us? Don’t worry; we’re still alive and kicking. While you haven’t heard from us in a bit and the reposts and donations have slowed it doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy.

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It’s true that lots of us and many of you have been busy with the typical spring time rush of anarchist/communist activity and repression campaigns and there’s been a lot of really rad projects and funds that need support–Eberhardt Press was pushed out of their space on short notice by some capitalist developers scum and needed help relocating, there were obviously a slew of May Day activities and thus a slew of before and aftercare as well, brutal repression of anarchists in Russia, there was the launch of the International Anarchist Defense Fund…just to name a few things. Even with all that we’re still on course towards our hard launch.

We’ve got solid comrades lined up to host our site. We’ve established our financial infrastructure in a more desirable way, including a doxxing resistant status. We’ve got our largest run of stickers yet in the works and have made headway in finding even more diverse and ethical methods of outsourcing our sticker production to other comrades. We’ve done some design work for local comrades. We’ve also touched base with Leftbank Books, Eberhardt Press, Aleatory Books, and others to see how we can support eachother.We’ve linked up with a really rad local space that’s being built to help facilitate our printing and host events and fundraisers. And we’ve made many more connections; among others, we’re expanding our support of computer security projects to include sex worker comrades affected by recent SESTA/FOSTA legislation. We’ve also made contact with anarchists and communities struggling against ICE and their ilk who are excited to plug in with their ideas.

At this point we’ve got the ball rolling enough to lay the ground work and do a launch with only a run of stickers, but if you feel like donating some money to our cause we can do a more sizable initial run and get enough steam to start being able to support other project.

Update: Some comrades informed us that we missed an opportunity to plug a very important local fundraiser, the legal fee fundraiser for those arrested at last years May Day in Olympia, these folks still need support and are struggling to come up with funds so go here to donate