Graffiti in Solidarity with Sacramento Anti-Fascists and Those Fighting the Police Across the Country

This past Sunday April 10th, as the night was turning to morning, we crept onto the roof of a building overlooking I-5 near downtown Seattle. There, we painted the words “Fuck Nazis Fuck Cops” in five-foot high letters. We did this in response to the call for Solidarity with the anti-fascists who fought white supremacists in Sacramento last month and in solidarity with all of those who have been fighting the police in the streets in Minneapolis, Baton Rouge, Atlanta and many other places across the country this past week.

The videos of the most recent police killings have left us feeling sick and disgusted and remind us that any fight against white supremacy must be a fight against the state and the police as well the boneheads who showed up in Sacramento wielding knives last month. Our loves goes to the comrades still recovering from the events in Sacramento and to all those who refuse to let more police killings of black people pass quietly.