PSA Update: New Things in the Coming Months

Here at PSA, we are in the process of breathing new life into and revamping the website. We have entered a moment of heightened anarchist activity and we would like to rise to the occasion of helping share anarchist news and information in the Pacific Northwest. While sites like It’s Going Down play a crucial role in disseminating information nationally and internationally, this website was created under the assumption that there is an important role to be played by regional anarchist media and we believe that is true today more than ever.

We have in the past been an important clearing house for action report-backs, communiques, event announcements, and analysis as well as serving as a place to share fliers and posters so they can disseminated more widely. In a time when heavily monitored social media can seem impossible to avoid, PSA can be a way to stay up to date with anarchist goings on without having to log into facebook.

We hope to play these roles even better in the future and to reach a wider audience. To that end we’re working on improving the design and functionality of the website, creating a better submission process that includes the ability to easily submit pictures and PDFs, a catalogue of anarchist zines from the Pacific Northwest, and a section with links to mainstream news articles that might be of interest to anarchists in our region. Please submit ideas and suggestions for how to make the site better to us on the ‘submit content’ page of the site if you have anything that you’d like to see from PSA.

Another way to support this site is to submit content to us, if you go to a demo, write a report back about it. Have some analysis of some shit going on in the Pacific Northwest? Write it up! (But please be sure to read over it and edit things before you submit them)

Finally, we have, quite begrudgingly entered the social media sphere and it is with no pleasure that we ask you (if you’re already into this sort of thing, that is) to add us on Instagram and share our articles on facebook and twitter.

See you in the streets!