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Down With High Pig Jenny Durkan

Submitted Anonymously

Jenny Durkan has just announced that she will be running for mayor of Seattle. Since the standing mayor, Ed Murray, has withdrawn from the race, some speculate she will immediately become the front-runner. In her press conference, she positioned herself as a progressive leader, a friend of the homeless. But we have not forgotten her despicable record as US District Attorney.

  • Between 2011 and 2012, she worked with the FBI to hire 5-time sex offender Robert Child as an informant. He was paid $90,000 to entrap two Muslim men into a terror plot. “The defendants, Abdul-Latif and his would-be accomplice, Walli Mujahidh, both had histories of psychological challenges. One friend of the family, Dorothy Howard, referred to Mujahidh as a good natured, but gullible, person seeking treatment for his schizoaffective disorder. Abdul-Latif was suicidal, had hallucinations, and also sought treatment. Childs inserted himself into their lives like a cancer. Government records show that he stole thousands of dollars from Abdul-Latif, tried to romance his wife, and was big on sexual text messages in violation of his parole agreement (he deleted messages from his phone to conceal this from his FBI handlers).” (from the earth first news wire) Childs then went on to attempt to infiltrate the Occupy and anarchist movements. He specifically targeted Salish CIRCA, a radical clown group, and Food For Everyone, a food distribution group, before he was pushed out of those communities for sexual assault and other predatory behavior. Today, Abdul and Walli are serving 18 and 17 year sentences in federal prison, while Jenny Durkan has built her career on their suffering. In Abdul’s own words, “I was violated by the Government Morally, Constitutionally, Mentally, Physically…”
  • Jenny Durkan oversaw the federal investigation into the May Day 2012 protests. She oversaw FBI raids on houses in Portland and signed subpoenas forcing at least 6 anarchists/activists in around the pacific northwest to testify in front of a Federal Grand Jury. When the people subpenaed refused to cooperate she had them locked up for between 4-6 months. Others fled the investigation to avoid subpoenas. The repression ruined lives and left long lasting chilling effects on anarchist and activist circles in the northwest.
  • In November of 2011 Jenny Durkan oversaw federal agents and police as they raided legal medical marijuana dispensaries across the Pacific Northwest seizing cellphones and marijuana and serving subpoenas to federal grand juries. This action flew in the face of marijuana legalization efforts and furthered the racist war on drugs.

Jenny Durkan has tried to position herself in opposition to trump but we know better. She has tried to rally support for herself from the LGBT community because she is lesbian, but as queers we know that like all politicians, she cannot represent us. Whether as district attorney, corporate lawyer, or mayor, Jenny Durkan is our enemy. If elected, she will continue to represent the owning-class, racist values she has stood for throughout her career. She has built her fame on the misery and incarceration of human beings. As anarchists, we take her mayoral run personally. Does she think we have forgotten the terror she inflicted on our communities? We will not let her campaign go uninterrupted; not because we support any other candidate, but because we want revenge.

This is a call to ruin the mayoral campaign of Jenny Durkan.

  • See her campaign signs stuck into the ground on the sides of major thoroughfares? Take that shit.
  • Is she having any public events? Go and make a scene.
  • Paste posters and fliers all over town trash talking her.
  • Be creative make her campaign into the joke that it is.
  • Lastly Support and write to Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, and other people entrapped by the government and their sleazy informants.

Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif (#40739086)
Federal Correctional Institution Tucson
P.O. Box 23811
Tucson, AZ 85734