Lacey, WA: Blockade the Genocide!

submitted anonymously

December 17th, 2023

Meet at 1pm sharp, depart at 1:15

Meetup location: 2350 Marvin Road NE, Lacey (in the parking lot)

Specific target announced at the meetup spot – a short flat walk away.

All out for an action to shut down a critical player in the infrastructure of genocide in Palestine.

As Israel escalates its genocide of Palestinians in both Gaza and the West Bank, we seek to intervene in a critical piece of the infrastructure of this genocide. The “ceasefire” is off and the bombs continue to drop in Gaza, while Israeli state and non-state settler attacks in the West Bank continue. The corporations enabling and profiting off of this genocide are international, and our solidarity must be as well.

Shut it down means shut it down – we invite you to participate in this action to actually block the flows of capital in whatever way feels exciting, fun, participatory and expansive for you and your crew. The possibilities are endless, use your imagination. Consider what you’ll need to stay engaged and invigorated for several hours in potentially cold, rainy weather – hot drinks, snacks, rain gear, games, music, maybe you want to give a workshop or presentation or tell a story, a collaborative art project, a performance, whatever. The specific target will be announced the day of the action at the meetup point so we encourage people to be punctual.