Map of Fascist Propaganda

In the wake of an increase of racist attacks and vandalism on a national scale, we found it to be incredibly important to make public an ongoing project documenting racist and fascist propaganda in Seattle, WA. Below is a link to a map collecting all of the emails that have been sent to antifa206 (at) riseup (dot) net documenting fascist propaganda. To our knowledge, all of them have been taken down or covered up already. This map is an attempt to disseminate the information that has been provided to us in a safe and easily accessible manner.


You can also access the map by searching for the name in the website. The map is listed under “Map #206-161”

Some Context of the Map

In August of 2016, Identity Evropa quietly had a conference in the neighborhood of Ballard, and multiple posters went up around the city following that gathering. By the first week of October, three different groups had made clear their presence in the city of Seattle, and a post documenting their propaganda and locations was made on Puget Sound Anarchists. An email was listed at the bottom of the post, urging readers to take pictures and document locations of fascist and racist propaganda and send them to the email, so as to take note of the movement and physical locations.

Some quick notes on the map:

-if you click on the “View” button on the menu at the top of the map and select “Show List” you can see a full list of every blip on the map.

-if you look at the bottom right corner of the map, it lists how many entries have been made on the map. that is the number of times that there has been fascist propaganda put up in the comfortable liberal city of Seattle. Believe that.

-the blue blips represent The Right Stuff propaganda. the majority of these blips seen in the University District were seen and emailed to us in the first two weeks of October, around the time when students were returning for school.

-the black blips represent American Renaissance propaganda. the majority of these blips seen along the I-90 Pedestrian Trail in the Central District and were emailed to us within the span of one week in mid-September, and we have not received any documentation of fascist graffiti in that area since then.

-the green blips represent Identity Evropa propaganda.

-the red blips represent outright nazi imagery that has not been directly tied to any group

Please Stay Vigilant!

Wherever you go, keep your eyes open! The more information that can be gathered on those trying to organize a fascist movement in Seattle, the better chance we have of stopping them. If you see any fascist or racist propaganda in any form, don’t hesitate to document what you saw and where you saw it, and send an email to antifa206 (at) riseup (dot) net. Pictures are preferred but not necessary. We will attempt to update this map as often as we get emails.

Solidarity to all the rebels.