No Charges for Officer Ryan Donald, but Charges for the Black Men He Tried to Murder

[We were unfortunately unable to post this before the demo on September 3rd, however we are posting it anyway to share the news that no charges were brought against Officer Ryan Donald]
On May 21st Officer Ryan Donald tried to kill Andre and Bryson Chaplin after an encounter sparked by them resembling shoplifting suspects. Even though he had the ability to call for back up and use less than lethal force no encounter with the police is desirable. Even if they stole from the store Safeway is an exploitative and oppressive entity and no one should be going to prison. Prisons do not help anything.

I haven’t talked to anyone who thinks that copper Ryan being charged would solve anything. The state however in addition to letting that copper Ryan of the hook they are charging Andre and Bryson with assault charges in attempts to appease the thin blue line. This is not surprising, but it is extremely undesirable.

Those who call for peace are not calling for peace. They are calling for a false social peace where the police brutalize people in the name of their own will and the will of the ruling class.

There will be a critical mass bike ride and action on September 3rd at 5pm at Percival Landing in downtown Olympia. Folks are encouraged to wear masks.

You can send financial support to Andre and Bryson at www.youcaring.com/chaplin-thompson-family-360252