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No one owns the forest!

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No one owns the forest!

September 25th, Portland, Oregon

Overnight, a group of anarchists attacked the World Forestry Center museum and its conference building next door, destroying doors, windows, and the museum’s glass facade before disappearing into the darkness. The Center is set to host the “Who Will Own the Forest?” conference September 26th-28th. The conference brings together “landowners, asset managers, investors, forest industry executives” and other vampires to plan and adapt their plundering of the forests for capitalist growth.

To truly defend the forests requires the destruction of capitalism altogether. Knowing there can be no dialogue with what must be destroyed, we turn to the attack.

We hope the damage presents an obstacle to the conference going as planned. Though we don’t mind the ambience of broken glass and missing windows, we expect the industry executives might!

Love to those fighting against Cop City, the Mountain Valley Pipeline, and their world!