Responce to Racist Graffiti at SCCC

From Tides of Flame

This picture was taken at midnight the evening of May 1st, 2014 on the windows of the SCCC student activity center. SCCC has a large Asian student body.

This despicable graffiti presents us with an opportunity to explain to everyone that actual anarchists believe in the universal equality of every person on the planet. There are no inferior races and every division based upon ethnicity is false. We fight for the universal liberation of all people from the ruling class of capitalists and the tyranny of wage slavery. Anyone who does not believe these basic truths is certainly not an anarchist.

The FBI, local law enforcement, or other hostile parties could have placed this graffiti in order to demonize the anarchist movement. But it is just as likely that a young white person from suburban King County stupidly equated anarchism with their own racism, bigotry, and intolerance. It is unlikely that we will ever know the truth.

Racial divisions have always been fostered and exacerbated by the ruling class in order to keep the poor and working classes fighting amongst themselves. We will not tolerate any racism, and if actual anarchists had observed the person responsible for this graffiti then a conflict would have surely erupted. We would prefer not to have any conflicts amongst the poor and working classes, but we will stop any racist tendencies that emerge in this capitalist prison.