Action Demo

Reportback: Demo Jumps Lightrail in Response to Police Murder

On the afternoon of Monday, June 30th a man, Oscar Perez-Giron, was fatally
shot by Sound Transit Police at the SODO Link Light Rail station for
allegedly dodging fare and pulling gun. However, the only eye-witness has a
different story which does not include a gun.

In response, on Tuesday evening, several dozen people gathered at Seattle
Central Community College. People took to the streets and marched downtown.
The demonstration then boarded the Link Light Rail together. Everyone rode
for free. The chant, “We Did Not Pay, You’re Gonna Have to Shoot Us” was
yelled throughout the ride. People shared the somber news with other
passengers. When the demonstration reached Sodo Station, people got out and
held a moment of silence for Oscar Perez-Girion. Shortly after, people
returned back for a free, defiant ride on the train.

RIP Oscar Perez-Girion. FTP.