Noise Demo Flyers & Posters

A poster for the New Years Eve Noise Demo is available here

A two sided handbill is also available here (side 1) and here (side 2)

The flyer reads:

Every year on December 31st people all over the world gather outside of jails and prisons to demonstrate solidarity with those who have been kidnapped by the state and to demonstrate hatred for the pigs that keep them locked up.

Prisons are part of the same racist police state that murdered Mike Brown, Eric Garner, John T. Williams, and so many others. Where the police evolved from slave patrols and white vigilante violence, prisons carry within them the legacy of plantations and slavery. As we are in the streets fighting back against police killings, let us remember those who the state has tried to bury alive behind bars. The police and prison are two pillars of white supremacy and all other forms of domination

Let’s tear them apart.