Action Attack

Oil-Trains Disrupted in Solidarity with #NoDAPL [Vancouver WA]

Submitted Anonymously

This is a claim of responsibility for causing disruption to the Pacific Northwest Corridor Rail Line north of Vancouver WA. On several occasions over the last few weeks, 6-Gauge Booster cables were attached to rail junctions at several points along the rail lines. Artificially triggering the railway signalling system. This is a low risk and easily reproducible form of sabotage that can potentially cause massive delays and economic losses to the every day functioning of extraction industries.

This particular railway was targeted because it is a key transportation rout for crude oil from the Bakken region of North Dakota. Over 1000 “oil-trains” pass through this rail line annually. The practice of crude-oil-by-rail poses an immediate threat to local communities and ecosystems with the prospect of derailment always present. This is a direct act of solidarity with those continuing the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline in the face of recuperation and brutal government repression.

-some anarchists