Action Demo Prison

Portland, OR: July 4th Noise Demo at Juvenile Detention Center

Submitted Anonymously

Tonight a small group of folks met at the juvenile detention center at 1401 NE 68th Ave in Portland, OR for a noise demo. We came prepared with a banner reading “Free the Kids, Fuck the Law” with sound responsive LED lights strung throughout, a stash of fireworks and some tunes. We scaled the outer walls of the prison and hung the banner from the top so that the people inside could see it. We lit off all the fireworks we had to the chant of, “Fuck the Jail.”

This was a small gesture of solidarity with the folks locked up on this celebratory night of “freedom.” The 4th of July is an empty holiday and freedom means nothing while there are people being kept in cages. Fire to the prisons. Fuck the Police.