Prisoner Letter Writing Night – The Strike Continues!

Prisoner Letter Writing Night
Sunday, October 2nd, 5:30pm-7:30pm
@ Pipsqueak, 16th Ave & E. Spruce St.

The Prison Strike Continues!

As many of you should and do know, the prison strike that was initiated
across the country on September 9th is in some ways still in effect. Here’s
an article on it:


Earlier this week there was a noise demonstration outside of the Gig Harbor
Women’s Correctional Center to show solidarity for three women who have
been placed in segregation for their alleged roles in spreading the September
9th strike. Their addresses will be available, and we will spend this evening
focusing on writing them cards and letters of support.

We would also like to extend support and solidarity on this evening to
anarchist Prisoner Jennifer Gann, who was recently beaten and put in solitary
for attempting to come to the aid of another prisoner who was being harassed
by guards. Read about her recent troubles here:

If the Political Prisoner Birthday Calendar for October is made available, we
will also have those.

See you there!