Recent Posters and Handbills Against Trump, The Police and Authority

“There’s a war going on outside…”
-Mobb Deep

For us, as anarchists, Trump signifies the platform for a racist and nationalistic agenda. He is creating a even more stable ecology for long term traditionally racist, homophobic and nationalist groups like the KKK in North Carolina, National Socialist Movement in Pennsylvania, the Traditionalist Workers Party and Identity Evorpa in Seattle to come out of the shadows and begin more openly organizing in the public eye. Though many of the groups say they do not openly support Trump they find an alignment with both his political views and positions on immigration and nationalism. For example David Duke one of the lead figures of the KKK endorsed Donald Trump and an issue of the Crusader by printing an image of him with the title “Make America Great Again”. For us to be against Trump means to be against racism, fascism and nationalism.

We have no desire to make small concessions with authority like the left, for example groups like Socialist Alternative and their talking head Kashama Swaint who want to replace Trump with Bernie Sanders. For us there is no alternative to power and there is no agreement to be had with power. We are against the right as much as we are against the left, the spectacular representation of politics needs to go along with the overall question of authority.
We are not interested in maintaining social passivity by declaring “LOVE TRUMPS HATE”. We feel that creating a space of acceptance or tolerance for Trump followers inadvertently is creating space for extreme right groups with nationalistic tendencies. That is part of the same rhetoric that got us here today.

Lastly, neutrality and the concept of going back to normal is not an option for us. To opt out so to speak or purely denounce the current context as a passing phase is similar to the thought that voting can change the current political context. That is why we have made an active and conscious decision to be on the streets at demonstrations, go to meetings and do public actions.
The police and the entire maintenance of the social order is put into motion by them enforcing authority over every single individual or group who deviates from the accepted form of political protest.
To be against Trump is to be against the police. For us any and all authority be it local politicians, police or the president are the loss of the agency over our own lives.

To be against Trump means we desire the complete destruction of all authority whether police, judges or presidents, we will not be complacent, we are an ungovernable force!
For anarchy! Against the state and capital!

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Trump is not our president. He doesn’t represent anything that we care about. In fact, he’s a racist bigot, a piece of shit. But also fuck Hillary, Bernie, whoever – We are the only people who can make decisions for ourselves. Instead of putting our hopes in another politician who will surely demonstrate that they can do nothing to curb the genocidal white supremacy that is at the heart of Amerikkka, why don’t we depend on each other? In this period of revolt many politicians and parties are going to promise to take power and be ‘better.’ Fuck anyone who wants to take power.

Instead of trying to elect new politicians with the same old disappointments, let’s take inspiration from the Black Panthers who provided food and medical care for their community while actively fighting the racist police state. Let’s look to the struggle in Rojava, where people have completely self-organized without a state while at war. We are inspired by the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline where people are organizing their own schools, building structures to live in and burning barricades to keep the police, the army and the oil companies off of native land. Let’s look to anarchists in Greece who are squatting hotels to give shelter to refugees and smashing down the doors of fascist parties with sledgehammers.

The politicians want us to believe that nothing but the present hell world is possible. We know they are wrong. We know that we can organize ourselves, we can represent ourselves, we are ungovernable.

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