Recent Rise in Racist & Fascist Propaganda in Seattle Area & Beyond

In the last month or so, there’s been a rise in fascist and racist
propaganda seen throughout the Seattle area. There’s been wheatpasted
posters, stickers, and even graffiti in Ballard, the University District, the
Central District, Beacon Hill, Leschi, South Lake Union and Capitol Hill.
There have also been reports of posters and stickers seen on the campuses of
Evergreen State College in Olympia, WSU in Spokane and WWU in Bellingham.

The propaganda belongs to at least three different groups, although we cannot
be sure of how many people are actually involved. Those groups have been
identified as American Renaissance, The Right Stuff, and Identity Evropa.

American Renaissance (AR or AmRen) is a publication that describes itself as
a “race-realist, white advocacy organization” that was published in the
1990’s by New Century Foundation, a white separatist organization. AR has
been active since 1990, and is listed as a white supremacist organization by
the Anti-Defamation League. They have been wheatpasting and writing graffiti
in Sodo and the Central District, messages like “AR will vote from the
rooftops” and “Vote Trump 2016” with their emblematic AR logo
accompanying it.

The Right Stuff is an alt-right blog and podcast that seems to have situated
itself comfortably between respectability-aiming fascist politicos and
meme-filled internet culture. Their wheatpasted posters have been seen in the
UD, the CD, Leschi and Sodo, and consist of a link to their website along
with slogans like “Looking for solidarity?” “White Pride Worldwide”
“White and Unapologetic, Rediscover White Identity.” They seem to be
friendly with Identity Evropa, both of which have hosted each other on their
own podcasts.

Identity Evropa posters and stickers have been seen in Ballard, South Lake
Union, Capitol Hill, the UD, and as far south as Beacon Hill. This group
seeks to shed the violent imagery and language that most racists and fascists
are given, in favor for a respectable and presentable academic approach to
uplifting and emboldening a so-called white European identity. One does not
need to dig deep however to see them for what they really are; racist

It is incredibly important to make sure that any kind of propaganda by these
racist/fascist organizations are immediately disposed of or covered up. We
cannot let them successfully have any space without some resistance on our
part. Stay vigilant! Their propaganda is sometimes coded in strange symbology
that doesn’t seem outright racist or fascist at first, but can be easily
seen if you know what to look for. Carry a fat marker or small spray can with
you when you walk around the city.

If you see any posters, graffiti, etc that belongs to or might belong to one
of these groups or a sympathizer, take note and please email antifa206 (at)
riseup (dot) net so that we can continue to document and keep a record of
their work and organizing.