Regional Call-Out For Anti-Fascist Presence On Whidbey Island Dec. 5th – 6th Nazi Fucks Off Turtle Island!

This is a regional call out to all anti-fascists to come to whidbey island, wa the weekend of dec. 5th-6th to oppose regional neo-nazis from rallying and commemorating their fallen shitbag hero robert jay mathews, leader of the white-supremacist revolutionary group ‘The Order’ killed by fbi in 1984. for a few years their meat head conventions had died down, but rose city antifa has published a picture of 33 neo-nazis taken last year. we need to rise to the challenge and let the fascists know we go where they go and we wont stop until the threat they pose is wiped from the earth. robert jay mathews’ lived on smugglers cove road in so called greenbank wa and nazis are known to meet on the weekend before the anniversary, dec. 8th, at the public right-of-way on smugglers cove rd. near the house. we need to show these fascist bastards that we wont let them spread their hate without a fight!

never forgive never forget never again by any means necessary