Report Back From the Anti-White Supremacy/Anti-Police Violence Disruption at Lakefair

On July 19th of 2015 a group of about 20 or so folks of varied ethnicity,
gender, and age got together to disrupt Olympia’s Lakefair and bring
attention to the violent and rampant institutional and interpersonal force
known as “white supremacy” that hospitalizes, subjugates, and kills
people around the world, in the United States, and in Olympia. One of the
most tangible and brutal manifestations of white supremacy comes in the form
of the police and often out of the barrels of the service weapons and often
into the backs of black folks.

After a band took the stage a group of somewhat inconspicuously and
anonymously dressed people made their way to the stage and took two mics
chanting, “Black lives matter!” over one and giving a short speech about
white supremacy and black power over the other. Some of the audience and
staff did not like this and, although the staff were quickly repelled, a few
white audience members attacked the group who had hijacked the mics. At one
point one of the attackers choked the person shouting, “Black lives
matter!” Eventually most of the attackers were repelled and the group who
had participated in the mic grabbing left Lakefair chanting, “Black lives
matter!” and singing old Black Panther songs. This commotion caused the
band to blatantly state for the record that they were not racist and that
they supported the message of the people who took the mics.

A person who attacked the mic hijackers raised the question, “Why here?”
The answer isn’t a simple one, but disrupting Lakefair brought a conversation
about white supremacy and police violence to a place where, though Andre and
Bryson Chaplin were shot a mere two months ago, it would be lacking. In the
heart of Lakefair a group of rebellious comrades derailed the entertainment
and delivered a critique of this white supremacist ruling order. The systems
of control perpetuated by lackeys of domination intentionally alienate and
shelter people and create a sense of a false peace in which white supremacy
and oppression persist. With this disruptive act comrades attempted to
interrupt this facade of social peace and name one of the many adversaries
that make life so terrible for so many people.

Because many of the people who most visibly participated in this action were
not black, some may say it indicates inherent racism on the part of the
participants and organizers. Others would argue — including black folks
integral to materializing this action — that it is crucial for those with
the privilege to take action with less inherent risk to use their privilege
to commit treason against the white race.

Down with white supremacy!
Down with the police!
Down with prisons and prison-like society!
Hurrah for rupture!

Post Script:
We are still waiting on more information but there may have been one arrest
related to the action. We will provide more information as it becomes