Solidarity and Beyond: Some Basics for folks in Revolt ’round here

From Chile to Greece to Mexico to France to the US to the UK to China to
those lands not defined by “official” borders shit is popping off. Solidarity
to those blocking ecocidal infrastructure and fighting for indigenous
autonomy. Solidarity to those defending themselves against the tyranny of
property, capital, work, bosses, colonization, normality, institutions,
bigotry, and the sate. Solidarity to those refugees and migrants fighting for
basic needs and dignity. Solidarity to the ZADistas. For global/local/cosmic/focused/open/organized/improvised revolt! Down with bigots, cops, and bosses! Solidarity is cool, but also remember to fight for yourself. Up with the autonomous and anarchist insurgents!

Given the PNW’s context I would suggest:

WEAR BLACK/MASK UP/BECOME HARDER TO IDENTIFY(a black t-shirt mask [http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Ninja-Mask-out-of-a-T-Shirt ] with sunglasses and gloves and a black hoodie and black sweatpants over a layer of civilian clothes would do the trick and if you need to maybe hide a backpack under the hoodie and don’t forget to either change into black shoes you’ll never wear again when you mask up or to cover your shoes with black socks when you mask up if you can’t pull off changing shoes)

DON’T SNITCH(no body talks means everybody walks most of the time and when it doesn’t silence is still golden, make sure that stuff that’s need to know is spread on a need to know basis, don’t post incriminating stuff on the
internet, say nothing or as little as possible to the authorities even lying
makes it worse for you and your comrades, make sure you’re hard to identify,
make sure you know your cellphone is snitching on you by giving away it’s
location and sending metadata to the authorities also it will snitch more if
it’s captured, don’t film or take pictures of comrades who don’t want to be
filmed or have their picture taken, practice security culture well, etc)

KNOW THE ENVIRONMENT(weather, terrain, layout, social climate,where are you going to mask up and unmask unseen?, transport, what are some targets you’d want to focus on?, where are people located in relation to you?, if you throw something will it hit the target or someone random?, who all is around you?, how are the people around you effected by what you are doing?, etc)

KNOW YOUR ENEMY(crowd control tactics, what weapons and tools will they use?, what’s their transportation?, interrogation tactics, surveillance
how/why/where, media tricks, where are their strongholds?, how does the enemy deploy?, what are their desires?, what have they been known to do?, what will they do if they are pushed or in a corner?, what’s their hierarchy?, what are their supply/communication lines?, what is their narrative?, etc)

KNOW YOURSELF(what are your skills?, what are you not ready for?, what are
you down for?, who are your comrades?, how far does your trust go with
folks?, what are your desires?, what are your comrades’ desires?, how far can
you throw?, can you play into the liberal rights framework if your are
arrested and if so what are your rights?, will you be singled out?, what are
you willing to risk?, etc)

PREPARE(food, water, stretch, warm up, bring fliers if you want to, bring
literature if you want to, bring flags if you want, bring banners if you
want, if you bring stuff the authorities don’t like make sure it can’t be
traced back to you for whatever reason, bring noise makers, tactics,
intentions, strategies, understand how to move like water and how to be
rhizomatic, expand on your ability to improvise, cover what was previously
mentioned here, scope the area, research, have a plan, plot with friends and
comrades, learn about breathing, remember aftercare, remember that mental
trauma can be just as big of a deal physical wounds, know what you’re getting
into, etc)