Submisson call out for new issue of Storming Heaven

Since the first night of Ferguson Solidarity protests in November of last year, Seattle and Olympia have seen an upswing in antagonistic activity. Marches, publications, graffiti, actions and a general sentiment of revolt has grown. The attempt at chronicling this time frame is not to imply an end, but to give context for the future. And to try and capture some of the beauty and horror and everything in between that is the reality of living a life in conflict with the state.

We can pull report backs off the internet and the communiques are already written, but what we are looking for are anonymous personal accounts…what did it feel like? What were the best and worst moments of an event? What were the actions and events that did not hit the news that you think people should know about?

If an account is too incriminating, to the author or others, or does not fall in line with our anarchist/anti-domination ethics we won’t include it. If you want to send us sweet pics, please remove the meta data first. The best way to send text is from a riseup.net account in the body of the email and not as an attachment. We can also do pgp if someone prefers that.

Please get all submissions to us by June 21st.

-the storming heaven crew [email protected]

Some topic suggestions-
Anti-Police/White Supremacist actions in Olympia
Ferguson Solidarity nights in November/December